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Fantastic February: A Month of Momentum

28th February 2019 by Harry Maule | News & Events

February has been an interesting month for team Yard. Our Cardiff office started us off on the right foot by hosting an insightful event on Digital Marketing Insights for Financial and Professional Services. Barry and Scott from Edinburgh shared their digital knowledge by publishing an article on SEO for eCommerce and Yard made the trip down south for Search London’s 8th birthday party.

SEO for eCommerce

Two of Yards brilliant minds, Scott and Barry, came together to share their expert knowledge on how to construct a winning ecommerce strategy. The journey begins with a thorough guide on how to conduct keyword research for your ecommerce site, providing examples and tips to make sure that you never go too far astray. 

Like an overflowing dam, Scott’s knowledge on SEO overspills into the next section, immersing us all in great detail on many of the relevant technical aspects that should exist in an effective e-commerce strategy. Less common but significant technical faults that are not so aligned within the mainstream of technical SEO, are shared and methodically broken down to help readers digest information effectively. If you know what a spider trap is then, hats off to you! For those that don’t, fear not, you can discover more here. 

Yard Insight Event in Cardiff

After the big success of our Yard insight event in Edinburgh, we felt that it would only be a good idea to spread the Yard knowledge in Cardiff. The event was held in Cardiff’s famous Capital Tower, where over 50 representatives from different companies attended the event. The guests were enlightened by our three expert speakers, John Myers, Samantha Noble and Paul Newbury; each of which delivered insightful presentations on important topics such as: the history of search, paid media and attribution modelling.

Search London 8th Birthday Party - Did anyone order a cake?

It’s not often that you’re asked to choose a cake for an 8-year-old’s birthday party. However, at the start of February, we made the trip to down south to celebrate Search LDN’s 8th Birthday, delicious chocolate cake in hand. 

Upon arrival at Bounce, we were treated to a quick couple of games of Ping Pong, a few beers, a slice or three of pizza and a great opportunity to meet some likeminded people working in the SEO industry. Additionally, we gained insight into building efficient SEO roadmaps, thanks to François Goube from OnCrawl and Lukasz Zelezny who spoke about his top SEO tips.  

Finally, the moment we’re certain everyone was waiting for, our cake was brought out and we couldn’t wait to show it off. We even got to blow out the candles (see below). Thanks again to Search London for putting on a great event, we’ll be counting down the days until their 9th birthday! 

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