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Facebook Couples Pages; Love or Loathe?

13th November 2012 by Jennie Stamp | News & Events

If you are in a relationship on Facebook, go and visit facebook.com/us. I’m guessing you either squealed ‘awwww’ or shuddered and quickly closed the page. This ‘couples page’ or as Facebook call it, a ‘friendship page‘, displays everything you both share; friends, photos, life events, status updates where you’ve mentioned each other, likes and interests.


So, who will embrace their couples page? Or who will admit it? It doesn’t appear to have much of a use apart from as a shrine like archive of your relationship history. Perhaps this could backfire on Facebook, it is already hard enough to break up with someone on the social network, but this could make it worse and couples could decide not to even commit to a Facebook relationship in the first place.

What do you think of these Facebook couples pages; love or loathe?

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