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DMA copywriting workshop with André Spiteri

8th November 2017 by Kirsten Mcvey | Content & Search, News & Events

DMA Copywriting Club Yard Edinburgh

Recently Yard’s Edinburgh office hosted another Copywriting Club on behalf of the DMA – complete with pizza, beer and a whole host of intelligent, creative minds.

Presented by André Spiteri, the session offered an interesting comparison between successful marketing by the banking industry and the struggles high street banks face when writing for their customers.

The former financial lawyer turned fintech writer delved into the importance and value of using the right words at the right time, which opened a discussion on the survival of high street banks and whether the future of finance really is digital.

The talk highlighted the differences between traditional banks and new, improved brands. The fintech industry is offering customers:

  • Faster and more reliable services
  • Simplicity
  • Relevance
  • Savings
  • Transparency
  • Empowerment

This left us debating the advantages fintech copywriters have along with the exciting challenges they face. André concluded that the most successful companies are acknowledging the mistrust of authority without spelling it out, and providing a trustworthy alternative for consumers.

Yard copywriting club Andre Spiteri

One strong takeaway was the value of targeting the baby boomer generation in the most respectful way possible. They grew up in a revolutionary period and we should be reaching out to them keeping in mind how they see themselves – not only as ‘cool’ but as people who understand the industry. They have the highest disposable income and they’re spending, not only on themselves, but on their families and friends. We must remember the influence our words can have, avoiding a condescending tone and remembering that these people have seen the financial industry rise and fall for decades.  

One of our Yardies, Doug, had this to say about the session:

I thought André did an excellent job of explaining the reasons behind the recent rise of fintech and how this impacts the message that these companies choose to put across. He also helped break down the different generational viewpoints on fintech in an informative and amusing way. Great talk!


Interested in taking a closer look at what was covered? The presentation will be available online soon – and you can tweet us your thoughts @YardDigital!

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