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Digital Elite Day 2019

13th June 2019 by Emily Davies | Data, News & Events, Search

Given our elite search and CRO offering (amongst other services), it was only natural that we were one of the sponsors of this year’s Digital Elite Day conference. The event, which provides “advanced learning for professionals in CRO and search”, consists of a series of sessions on the two themes, bringing together those tracks for one inspiring event. 

Four Yardies were present on the day;  

  • Paul Newbury – CIO 
  • Scott McLay – Head of Technical SEO 
  • Emily Davies – Data Scientist 
  • Sonny Driscoll – Data Scientist.  

In addition to manning our stand, which allowed us to meet plenty of other experts in these fields, we also made sure that we had an attendee at all the day’s talks. Ensuring knowledge was retained (as well as preparing for this blog post), our team noted down the key takeaways and their thoughts on the talks they attended.

Our favourite talks from the day

First up was Anna Tiplady’s talk, titled A Behavioural Economic Framework for Ideation.  Anna explained some of the cognitive biases that impact user behaviour. It was great to learn about the different types of biases, such as choice paralysis and negativity bias, and how understanding these issues allows you to create an effective user experience. 

Becky Simms of Reflect Digital showed how gamification can be used for link acquisition. The foundation of this session was the Guess the 50 Football Clubs campaign.  

This campaign required players to decipher which club the football images related to, in a way that was not too dissimilar to Catchphrase. The game was challenging and kept users coming back for more (users were able to submit their details in order to save their progress and return to the game where they left it), with players taking to social media and forums to discuss and hint at potential answers.  

The data captured was used in the brand’s email journey planning, the real success came from the game having over 150,000 players from a very targeted demographic and bringing SEO results from generating over 100 links in less than 2 months. One of the key learnings though was that gamification shouldn’t be used to directly drive sales. Rather, it should instead be focused on increasing brand exposure or improving the social narrative of a brand’s identity.  

Another stand out talk on the SEO side of things came from Aleyda Soli, Founder of Oranti. This talk gave insight on how progressive web apps (PWAs) are starting to overtake native mobile apps. 

Aleyda believes Google will accelerate this transformation through the preferential ranking of PWAs. This is, in part, due to native mobile apps taking up more space than people want on a phone’s memory and draining battery life in addition to the need for regular software updates. Ultimately, these act as barriers to usage which will be seen as prohibitive to some. 

Those that missed OnCrawl’s session definately missed out, as attendees were treated to an insight into how they are using data from bots and log monitoring. With the help of machine learning, OnCrawl are able to predict what may or may not help the SEO performance of a client’s site. The day was rounded off with an entertaining keynote speech from Karl Gilis, which poked fun at non-customer centric website content and the negative impact it has on conversion rates.  

The event was hugely insightful, with lots to be taken from each of the sessions as well as from the chats we had with other attendees. If you weren’t fortunate enough to be there this year, we’d highly recommend heading along next year. Although, if you did miss out, there are some handy videos from this year’s conference on the Digital Elite Day Facebook page (you may even spot an interview with a couple of Yardies too).   

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