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Diamonds and data – creative content for ROX

10th October 2017 by Barry Begg | Content & Search

Yard ‘concierge campaign’ for ROX Diamonds & Thrills

rox diamonds and thrills

We’ve had the privilege of working with ROX now for over 18 months. Forward thinking and always open to new ways of working, they want content campaigns that go beyond just brand awareness or link building – driving data capture, lead generation and most importantly, sales.

Working with such a high-end, luxury retailer does bring its own challenges though and we have to create content that brings their unique diamonds and thrills in-store experience online.

We’ve seen first hand how amazing the service in-store is and how attentive and knowledgeable the ROX staff are. We knew therefore that we had to create content that replicated that experience and would help with one of the most difficult decisions people have to make; choosing the right engagement ring.


As part of our initial research, we found that women were doing a lot of window shopping and men were making the purchase. That made us think harder about the engagement ring buying process and how much of it is driven by the recipient or how much of it is really just brave guesswork.

rox checklist for planning the perfect proposal

To answer this question we partnered with Confetti.co.uk, an award-winning company that is widely recognised as the UK’s leading destination for wedding ideas and advice. We wanted to better understand the challenges of buying an engagement ring, so we worked together to survey the Confetti audience and reach a total sample size of over 2,500 people. You can find the survey results here.

ROX and Yard engagement ring tool

Yard’s Lauren also visited the Edinburgh ROX store to discuss the in-store buying process with their team to help shape the content. Thankfully she didn’t have the Yard bank card in her possession at the time!


The campaign has one key aim:

To help support and inform the buyer in one of the most important decisions they will ever make.

So we developed the ROX engagement ring concierge service – an informative tool which helps the user understand all of the elements and choices to consider when buying an engagement ring.

ROX concierge service tool by Yard

The tool takes into consideration style, cut, metal and budget among other things and provides the user with either the perfect ring or rings for their budget, or the option to create a bespoke ring, buy a token ring or book an appointment in one of the ROX boutiques.


In terms of user experience – the content and information provided online is now as close to the in-store experience as you can get. The content has only just gone live, so we’ll update you at a later stage as to the results.

ROX and Yard concierge service tool results

If you’re interested in checking out the content, or if you happen to be looking for an engagement ring yourself, you can find it here.

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