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DashHound brings beauty to Yard

20th December 2018 by Mark Anderson | News & Events

Back in the spring, when we moved into a brand-spanking-new office in Cardiff’s Capital Tower, we realised there were countless great things about our new home. The slick Yardiff office was a pleasure to be in, the same great colleagues were all still there and we had an incredible new view. There was another benefit too; we had a bit of extra space that we could do something with. We decided that we’d use this space as positively as we could and offer it to a growing business that would really benefit from a leg-up.

Step forward DashHound. Having been with us in our start-up incubator for a while now, we thought it’d be great to hear a bit more from them about what went before their move to Capital Tower and how it’s helped them.

The view from DashHound

Today marks three months of our Yard & Town Sq. Residency, the transition from hacking away on DashHound in our bedrooms, surrounded by distractions, to working from top floor offices overlooking Cardiff has proven to be exactly what we needed.

Two years ago, we set out with the vision that everything one needs to make an efficient, informed beauty purchase should be readily available, without having to spend countless hours scouring the web. To that end, we’ve been developing DashHound, an intelligent search and discovery platform. We’ve been, and continue to be, collecting a rich dataset that transforms raw data, including social content, and product information, into actionable insights.

For 18 months we hacked on several versions of our consumer-facing product, working and sleeping in the same space. This was difficult to say the least and signs were starting to show that we needed a major change.

Being a bootstrapped startup, one of the biggest challenges we faced prior to the residency was working as a distributed team, not having an organised space to work together. There’s only so much that video conferencing and messaging tools can help. Working from Yard has enabled us to be far more productive, exposed us to a healthy work schedule and a friendly, collegial atmosphere which has been great for developing a more balanced lifestyle.

We were made to feel welcome by the entire Yard team and are indebted to them for the help they’ve given us. Having one-to-ones with Yardies who are experts at capturing data with precision and accuracy has enabled us to make sure we can continue to measure and address our growth accordingly.

Moving to the present, we’re currently in the process of raising our first round of outside investment and both Paul Newbury, CTO at Yard and the team at Town Sq. are proving to be extremely helpful. From making introductions to investors who can bring significant value-add to our business, to helping to review our proposal pack.

With every day come new learnings, and we’re incredibly grateful to have the residency team as a sounding board. We entered the residency with a clear mission and goals, and Yard has played a crucial part in helping us fulfill them.

The view from Yard

Paul Newbury, our CTO has repaid the kind words from our house-mates and had this to say:

“We were really impressed with the technology and business model that Kirsty and Helena had engineered, which made the prospect of mentoring DashHound really exciting for Yard. It has been great for the entire Yard team to see the work of other businesses in complimentary areas, and we hope that the team has benefitted from not only the office space, but also working with and around the Cardiff Yard team. We will continue to support DashHound in seeking their investment round and hope to see them achieve the growth and success that they are looking for in 2019.”

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