DMA Copywriting Club – The Art of Luxury Watchmaking

28th March 2018 by Kirsten Mcvey | Content, News & Events

We’re always happy to open our doors and welcome like-minded, content-obsessed people for a night of… drinking. This time, it was to host another DMA Copywriting Club, with Yard’s very own Barry Begg leading the session.

Our talented Head of Search and Content delved deep into the need and desire for quality content, focusing on one of our recent campaigns, a long-form showcase on the art of luxury watchmaking.

The purpose of the talk was to inspire those who attended by discussing the value of quality content and why it’s important. It was also to highlight the level of attention and detail that went into creating the content, taking us on a journey from concept to promotion.

Luxury watch mechanism


Starting with the objectives set by our client ROX, the presentation highlighted how the team developed the idea and the focus to create a piece of content that was worthy of the craftspeople behind such desirable objects.

ROX MD quote

As with any campaign, the result reflects the hard work put in, but it never reveals the challenges faced along the way. Barry took us through some of the ‘behind the scenes’ issues that we faced, from problems such as sourcing very rare high-quality images to mapping out such an extensive piece of content.

One of our newest Yardies, Shannon, had this to say:

“The insights into the struggle to source imagery and not take the easy road with stock photography was an excellent indicator of the passion and effort that went into the piece.”

Luxury watchmakers


A lot of the discussion in the room touched on expert writers, questioning if it’s always the right move to bring one in. A lot of the copy in Art of Luxury Watchmaking was written by luxury watch specialist, Alex Doak, a renowned journalist who knows his stuff! There was a lot of chat around the value of working with industry experts and how it can affect outreach efforts.

In addition, Barry left us all with a few takeaways (and discussion points for after):

  • Don’t be afraid to ask an expert for input; in fact, it can only increase the quality of the end result if chosen correctly
  • Surround yourself with specialised agency contacts, like the creative professionals over at Shellshock
  • Plan ahead as much as possible for things going wrong, but allow yourself the flexibility to extend deadlines
  • Make sure you put everything into each piece of content you create, no matter what size


Rankings improved dramatically for the ROX site over the campaign, climbing to a top five position on Google for terms such as “Hublot” and “Audemars Piguet”. These are two of ROX’s most important brands, attracting more than 50,000 searches per month on average as a result of this and other campaigns. It always helps having a strong outreach team behind you too; just look at this coverage:

Art of Luxury coverage

Want to take a look at what we covered? You can view the presentation deck here. Or, if you’re interested in creating your own unique campaign with us, drop Barry an email:

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