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A content strategy training session with expert Lyndon Antcliff

5th April 2016 by Lauren Pearson | Content & Search, News & Events


creative boris content training session

Last week our Edinburgh content team took a little break from their busy schedules to take part in a content strategy training session held by the fantastic Lyndon Antcliff, who you may know of from Cornwall SEO and his social media management service Creative Boris. Fuelled with coffee and armed with notebooks and pens, Lyndon ran us through his very informative presentation, which aims to assist in changing your thinking and attitude towards content marketing. As Lyndon quite rightly pointed out, all of the information is out there if you Google it – but putting it into practice successfully is another matter altogether.  

Alongside letting us in on some of his tips and tricks, something a lot of our team found useful were the anecdotes Lyndon shared of previous projects and campaigns he had worked on along with what worked and what didn’t, as well as the processes behind them. All of this new knowledge was put to good use in the afternoon, when we held a huge brainstorming session to come up with content ideas for different industries.

Yardies on Lyndon’s bootcamp:

“I really liked that the training session got us thinking outside the box, encouraging us to take risks and look at things from a different angle.” – Kristy, Content and Outreach Executive

“The brainstorming session in the afternoon was really helpful, it was great to approach something we do a lot of in such a different way to generate fresh new ideas.” – Cat, Content and Outreach Executive

Looking for some help rejigging your brain chemistry when it comes to content? You can reach Lyndon on Twitter @lyndoman.

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