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Content informed by data – what we’ve been working on

13th February 2018 by Mark Anderson | Content

One of the best things about working in digital is the availability of almost immediate feedback. Without feedback in its various forms we are less capable of performing our best, be it as individuals or organisations.

Online and specifically related to content, this feedback frequently takes the form of data generated by users, and is often collected by the analytics package used to help measure the effectiveness of a site.

As digital marketers we can capitalise on this seamless collection and subsequent analysis of data to help us achieve our goals – offering us evidence to support our suggestions for what the audience want to see and why something is or isn’t effective.

That’s how we know that our audience and clients are interested in hearing more about what we’ve been working on, what we are capable of and what results we get – so, without keeping you in suspense any longer, here’s some of our most recent work for your perusal.

Our new site:

One conclusion we could draw from the aforementioned interest is that perhaps we don’t shout about our achievements enough. With that in mind, showcasing our new site would be a good place to start. Although, as you’re reading this, you probably noticed that already. Nice, eh?

The art of luxury watchmaking:

Drawing on a combination of available data sources we identified a demand, and therefore an opportunity, to create a piece of long-form content for our client ROX that tells the story of the art of luxury watchmaking.

Prior to the creation of this content there were lots of great articles and resources out there covering facets of this fascinating subject, but nothing telling the entire compelling story with the richness it deserves.

Working with some key partners, we created a piece highlighting the skill and craftsmanship that goes into luxury watches. It was important that we were able to visually match the beauty and reflect the detailed complications of these watches, all while managing to appeal to watch aficionados as much as those just dipping their toe (or perhaps wrist) into the world of haute horlogerie.

Sweating the small stuff:

Here’s a very different campaign and content style – recently we’ve been working as part of a cross-functional, international project team with Sage on their Sweating the Small Stuff campaign.

A study into the administrative burden faced by SMEs presented an opportunity to create an effective showcase of the results. Creating a visual asset making it easy for busy SME owners and employees to quickly assess the results of the study was key since, as the results show, they would likely be juggling a number of time consuming administrative tasks.

You may be thinking that a study into small business inefficiency from an accountancy software provider isn’t as sexy as luxury watches. As someone who works in a digital marketing agency, I can assure you that there is a certain beauty in a well-crafted, nicely-formatted, effective spreadsheet – and reducing unnecessary administrative burdens to make delivering great results more straightforward is perhaps even more joyous.



If you’ve read this (thanks by the way, we’ve captured the data and we’ll use that to inform future content) and want to find out how we can help your brand, get in touch!

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