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Cardiff Coffee and Cake for Cancer Support

20th September 2012 by Amanda Bathory | News & Events

On Friday 28th September, the Cardiff Yardies are taking part in the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support by hosting our own coffee morning in our Cardiff Office. Organised by Claire, this also doubles as a ‘welcome home’ party, as she returns from maternity leave to be our star Operations Manager.


Biscuits for dipping, piping-hot coffees, milky teas, British-Bake-Off-busting cakes, cheeky ‘shouldn’t-we-be-working’ mingling and water cooler chit-chat, is the name of the game. Those who dwell in the Yardie lair will relish not only these delicious treats, but also the pleasure of your company. Everyone is invited; colleagues, acquaintances, City Road ramblers and their dogs.

What’s on the Menu?

With several master bakers in our midst, this is hyped to be the cake related event of the week (and is set to rival the infamous peanut butter billionaires enjoyed by Edinburgh Yardies only yesterday). Office manager, Lindsey, and returning Operations Manager, Claire, are office-baker extraordinaries (Lindsey’s home-made cakes are pictured) so hopes are high for authentic, chubby, cake-guilt on Friday afternoon.


Yardies have been discussing their perfect coffee morning- it seems to be shaping into quite a feast! Whilst Paul and Jac will attend just for the coffee, Tara is hoping for a spot of carrot cake and Lisa is looking for a slice of bakewell tart. Rhys and Jon are men of broad tastes and welcome all the cake, whereas Harry Chan is a jam doughnut-man  (no chocolate, thank-you very much). Alex Davies dreams of an enormous cookie (or a whole chicken, which only he would eat,) Alex Stockford loves the cheesecake, Chris Jenkins prefers chocolate fudge and Sam would like a strawberry gateau. (We are all going to be very, very sick if this all comes to fruition!)

(Self) Raising Funds

The more money we raise, the better. Macmillan Cancer Support provides care for the 2 million people in the UK who live with cancer and provides medical, emotional, practical and financial support. In their own words, they are the “team that gives you the strength and energy to face the fight and get through it.”

Traditionally, participants donate the cost of their coffee (and numerous gobbled cakes) to Macmillan, a small donation which has raised a giant £6million since the first coffee morning event in 1991. Director, Paul Newbury has offered to match the funds raised at Yard’s Cardiff office *cheers*.

If you would like to attend our coffee morning, please join our Facebook Event, comment on our Facebook Page, or simply send us a Tweet. See you there!


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