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Cardiff 10k 2012… The Results

10th September 2012 by Amanda Bathory | News & Events

Crowds at the Start Line

The big day had FINALLY arrived; Cardiff Yardies, clobbered in their finest red-running shirts and comfiest trainers, gathered in anticipation at the starting line of the Cardiff 10k 2012. All were about to realise whether their hard training, Olympian diets (and in some cases, thinking it’ll be alright on the night) would be enough to see them through.

Lightning Bolts: Chris Jenkins and Jac Priestland

After striking the infamous lightning bolt en-masse and quick warm up (of shaking hands in the air and running away from several bees that buzzed into the crowd) the starting pistol sounded and the Yardies bound forward to raise some money for charity and most importantly, eat the 10k for breakfast. Grr.

The Cardiff 10k took the Yardies on a trip around some of the more beautiful areas in Cardiff; past the castle, around Bute Park and the stables, starting and finishing amidst the university buildings, City hall and Cardiff museum. It was undeniably hard work, as it was a warm, sunny day, but as there were people looking and supporters all around the course cheering us on, we kept moving. As the race drew to a close and Yardies crossed the finish line, we gathered to cheer on the remaining runners (and take some photos!)


We split into three corporate teams; team one, of Paul, Richard and Rhys did fantastically well, ranking 29th of 108 teams and our other two teams placed in 83rd and 103rd (…considerate Yardies paced the race to give other teams a chance!) Our individual times all fell within 2 hours and many high fives, sweaty hugs (yum) and fist-bumps were exchanged when realising £250 had been raised for our chosen charities– Thank-you to all those who supported and donated. As a token of our appreciation, please accept these race day photographs on our facebook page to chuckle over!

Yard Race Times:

Tara Brown crosses the finish line!

Richard Pickett: 00:52.32
Paul Newbury: 00:52.36
Lindsey Bowles: 00:53.47
Rhys Spencer: 00:55.17
Sam Hockey: 00:56.05
Harry Chan: 00:59.14
Gareth Russell: 00:59.40
Jac Priestland: 01:00.00
Amanda Bathory: 01:03.00
Chris Charles: 01:05.01
Chris Jenkins: 01:05.20
Tara Brown: 01:11.00
Jon Sully: 01:30.00

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