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So, so far from that pub – BrightonSEO September 2017

22nd September 2017 by Geoff Kennedy | News & Events, Search

brightonseo 2017

Last week saw the 15th BrightonSEO take place and it’s safe to say that it fulfills the strapline: ‘a long way from a room above a pub’.

For those that don’t know BrightonSEO, it’s gone from an informal gathering of a few SEOs, to one of the biggest SEO events in the world, consisting of:

  • 1 day of training sessions spread across 25+ subjects
  • 1 free full day conference of 33 talks, from 100+ speakers, across 6 tracks
  • Some pretty epic pre and post-event parties

In reality though, BrightonSEO is much more than this. It’s spawned numerous ‘unofficial’ meetups and gatherings, as well as an impressive community both on and offline.

It’s not difficult to see why the 3,500 free tickets for the most recent event were snapped up in under 4 minutes.

What did I miss?

Given that there are now 4 tracks of sessions, it’s impossible not to have missed ‘something’ even if you were lucky enough to attend.

Most of the speakers make their slides available for all, and luckily for me the hard work of collating these has already been done…

LinkResearchTools have published a fairly comprehensive list of speaker slide decks here:


DeepCrawl have provided some great summaries of many of the talks here:


Plus, if you’d like to see content from the conference earlier in the year, there are some great videos on the BrightonSEO site:


What were the ‘big things’?

Given the number of talks it’s harder to get a sense of the common themes. At past event’s there’s often been something that ‘everyone’ has been talking about, be it a black and white animal or an ominous term like ‘not provided’ (I blame Anna Lewis for the scary fact that it’s been 7 years since the arrival of ‘not provided’).

Although there are still lots of big issues right now, there don’t appear to be any universal ones that stand out. So instead, here are a couple that I discussed/ranted about over the days:

I (don’t) love AMP


The AMP debate was strong both in and out of talks.

As always, Aleyda Solis provided some great practical advice on embracing AMP. You can see some of these in her slides here:


Whereas Jon Henshaw makes a good argument for just ‘fast as AMP’ pages.

I feel like I’m with Jon on this one, but the unfortunate reality is that (unsurprisingly) Google is showing a strong bias towards AMP over other pages in SERPs, regardless of how well they actually perform.

Local Search

Local SEO is an area that is often overlooked. I’m guilty of of this myself simply because I’ve not had the demand for it due to the nature of my clients.

However, given the ever growing mobile searches and challenges that surround them, we can all agree that it’s actually pretty important. It also doesn’t necessarily follow the same rules as ‘standard’ SEO, as many assume.

I caught a great talk (only the talk – I had a pillar between me and the slides) from Greg Gifford with lots of practical, easy to implement approaches for getting local links.

Greg talks about the ‘real world’ connections that small businesses can leverage, which is ideal for smaller local businesses with tight (or no) budgets.

I’ve already passed the slides on to a few business owner friends. You can find them here:


What now?

  1. Subscribe to updates here: https://www.brightonseo.com/
  2. Follow BrightonSEO on twitter here: https://twitter.com/brightonseo
  3. Stick the next ticket release date in your calendar when it’s announced
  4. Grab a ticket
  5. Turn up

Many thanks to Kelvin and the rest of the BrightonSEO team for another great event. See you all next time!

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