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Brands do St Patrick’s Day on Twitter

17th March 2016 by Lauren Pearson | Content & Search, News & Events

Today, 17th March, marks the greenest day on the calendar – St Patrick’s Day. Widely celebrated across the globe, brands everywhere seize the opportunity to jump on the trending Twitter hashtag, sending out tweets that range from the incredibly well thought out to the obviously more last minute offerings. Here are some of our favourites so far:

All 4 St Patrick's Day Twitter Father Ted

Channel 4’s Twitter page chose to honour Father Jack from the much loved Father Ted sitcom – played of course by beloved Irish actor Frank Kelly who sadly died in February of this year. I’m sure we’re not the only ones who went straight onto the Channel 4 website to catch up on some old episodes after seeing this tweet and accompanying video montage.

fashion brands St Patrick's Day Twitter

The obvious option for a fashion brand celebrating St Patrick’s Day is of course to go down the route of styling up something green and we’ve picked out these tweets from ASOS and Topshop to point out the importance of offering something beyond the tweet itself to grab people’s attention. ASOS have put together an article on subtler St Patrick’s Day style with the help of model and social media star Irene Kim, whilst Topshop are encouraging their followers to share their St Patrick’s Day outfits to appear in the brand’s streetstyle gallery.

Just a caveat on this one though – if you’re going to tweet about St Patrick’s Day make sure you avoid Guinness’ mistake and ensure you use images of a shamrock rather than a four-leaf clover. Topshop you get full points for that one – ASOS, not so much.

onefootball St Patrick's Day Twitter

This one from football app Onefootball might be our top choice of the day so far – with their curation of a team made up from all the very best Patricks that the sport has to offer. A unique way to celebrate the holiday – it made me click on the article link to have a closer look and I don’t even like football!

frijj milkshake St Patrick's Day Twitter Lucky Shamrock

The FRijj Twitter page is full of gifs, memes and emojis so this nod to the holiday fits in perfectly – dreaming up a St Patrick’s Day inspired milkshake called Lucky Shamrock. One of their followers has actually replied with his opinion on what the flavour combo should be (mint choc-chip + Baileys, mmm) which highlights a potential missed opportunity for increasing interaction – actually asking their followers for their take on what flavour this hypothetical milkshake should be.

So what’s one takeaway from this little look into the St Patrick’s Day hashtag? If you’re going to tweet about a much celebrated holiday, make sure you do your research first. You don’t want your perfectly planned tweet to be derailed by the fact that you’ve used the wrong symbol!

Happy St Patrick’s Day everyone!


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