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BIMA Digital Day 2015 – Edinburgh

4th December 2015 by Lauren Pearson | News & Events

Digital Day Collage
“On Tuesday 24th November, Keesa, Lauren, Radek and I went back to school – and not because our bosses here at Yard felt we needed some further schooling! We were taking part in this year’s BIMA Digital Day, an initiative founded by the British Interactive Media Association to promote the digital industry in local schools and colleges. As part of the scheme, Yard were invited to Craigmount High School for the afternoon – just a short drive away from our Edinburgh offices, Craigmount is a fantastic school, with a keen interest in digital and computer science.

‘So who knows what we mean when we refer to the digital industry?’ Lauren began by asking the class. We fired up our slides and for the next twenty minutes, we spoke about all things digital. Everything from ourselves as individuals and our backgrounds (who knew that both Lauren and I studied Ancient History?), through to digital innovation in all sectors. Following the presentation came a lively practical session as the students split into groups to tackle the challenge of using social media to launch the upcoming album of a variety of stars like Calvin Harris, One Direction and Little Mix.

There were a whole heap of great, original ideas and the main thing that united each group was the pupils’ clear interest and innovative ideas. It was invigorating to be surrounded by such positivity and dynamism and it was in that energy that I saw the true value of BIMA’s Digital day. Ultimately it’s this passion and energy that will drive the digital industry forward and help us to continually innovate and question the status quo. Through initiatives like Digital Day, not only are we introducing young people to potential career options, but it also serves as a reminder to us that there is so much passion and enthusiasm in the youth of today and that it is something we should aspire to recreate, even when our own school days are long gone.”

– Morven Mackinnon, Client Relations Executive, Yard

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