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BIMA Digital Day 2015 – Cardiff

30th November 2015 by Lauren Pearson | News & Events

Tuesday 17th November saw 2015’s BIMA Digital Day come and go, and Yard’s Cardiff team took part for the third year in a row. Co-founder and CTO Paul, HR Manager Lisa, Web Developer Megan, Web Analytics Consultant Daniel Rees and Test Analyst Ben James headed over to Corpus Christi High School to introduce the Year 9 students to the wonderful world of digital.

Aimed at 14 – 18 year olds, Digital Day is an initiative run by BIMA (the British Interactive Media Association) which sees some of the country’s top agencies visit nearby schools to work with the teachers and students to raise awareness of the variety of careers available to young people in the digital industry.

After a quick presentation in the morning explaining who we are and what we do at Yard, the students got to work on one of the three challenges that had been set by the event sponsors: Standard Life, Vodafone and Sony Music.

Vodafone asked students to make their MyVodafone app more appealing, Standard Life asked for ideas as to how an app could help young people save more money and Sony Music wanted the pupils to think about how to use social media to promote the launch of a key artist’s album. After splitting up into small groups and picking a challenge each to work on, the groups got to work researching and brainstorming to come up with ideas.

Towards the end of the day, it was time to present their ideas. Each group gave a Dragons Den style pitch to the judges, outlining their solution to their chosen challenges. It was fantastic to hear some of the creative ideas that the kids came up with, and picking the winners was not an easy task!

As it was Ben’s first year taking part, we asked him what he thought of the initiative: “It was a great day which got all the students engaged in their challenges as it required the students to think about how much they rely on digital platforms to engage in different activities, for example for those taking part in the Sony Music challenge – how much they rely on social media and mobile applications to know about the latest releases in the music world. The challenges also required the students’ lateral thinking, for example needing to come up with new ideas to create a buzz about an upcoming album release.”

Another fantastic D-Day – we’ll be back next year!

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