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Big Hearts Football Memories Ad Grants Success

17th August 2016 by Lauren Pearson | Content & Search, News & Events

Big Hearts Yard Google Ad Grants Football Memories Success

In 2015 we announced our creative and digital partnership with Big Hearts Community Trust, initially focussing on developing the charity’s new website which launched early this year. Since then, thousands of new Big Hearts Supporters have signed up to help the organisation meet their charitable aims.

Big Hearts is dedicated to delivering a new and ambitious family-focused strategy, using the power of the club’s crest to better support vulnerable families across Edinburgh and surrounding areas.

One such project is the innovative and successful ‘Football Memories’ programme which helps local people living with dementia by reviving memories of players, matches, goals and incidents from football matches in their younger days.

We worked with Big Hearts to set up a Google Ad Grants account which offers eligible charities up to $10,000 in in-kind AdWords advertising every month. We used this opportunity to create some PPC ads for the Football Memories programme, geographically targeting keywords related to Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Recently, Big Hearts received an email from a grateful Edinburgh resident who had discovered the programme as a result of the Google Ads which we help the charity run. She said:

I was at a low point today when, after a visit, my Dad’s OT reported back to me that he was ‘quite down’ and ‘fed up’. Desperate to find something that would brighten his day and bring a spark back to his life, I googled ‘dementia help in Edinburgh’ and lo and behold I came across your website Big Hearts.

As a young man, my Dad was a very good footballer…he has lived in Gorgie the whole of his life, went to Tynecastle High School and of course is an avid Hearts fan.

After my Mum died it has been a gradual decline for him and he has struggled with her loss. I don’t know the criteria for joining your football memories club, but I’m sure my Dad would enjoy that kind of interaction with other gentlemen.

I feel as men get older and dementia sets in it can be very difficult and football is the only thing that they like to talk about. What a great idea!

Since receiving the email, Big Hearts have been pleased to welcome the gentleman mentioned to the first sessions of their newest ‘Football Memories’ group. We are delighted to continue to partner with Big Hearts in recognition of the vitally important work that they do to help families in need within the local community and it’s great to see that our contribution to date has made a real difference.

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