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April: Turning up the heat

30th April 2019 by Harry Maule | News & Events

At long last, we have enjoyed our first full taste of summer with last weekend’s spray of sunshine. The sun has helped to add a little colour to the trees and definitely helped to add a little colour to all of our Yardies’ faces – Scottish tan, but a tan nonetheless. Apart from the noticeable change in temperature, we’ve also been turning up the heat. Our most noticeable adventure began halfway through the month when we attended the UK’s biggest SEO conference in Brighton.

Brace yourselves; we’ve also penned in our next Yard Insights event into our diaries which will be held in both Cardiff and Edinburgh! Interested in what we have in store for you? Read on. 

Passion Lead us Here

Brighton SEO

Every year we ensure to attend both of the SEO conferences held in Brighton. To remain at the top of our game, we need to find out what new tricks Google are pulling off in the SEO playground. Our very own three wise men – Barry, Richard and Harry – were sent to take full advantage of all the insightful seminars that were on offer. We listened, we took notes, we poked a few brains, and we also had a few beers. Maintaining our ‘work hard play hard mentality,’ we enjoyed the social aspect of the conference just as much as the nitty-gritty. For what can be considered as a highly insightful event, we only have one thing to say: our tools have been sharpened – beware 

Content Analysis Case Study

Cardiff delivered an interesting case study on how they were able to better monitor the performance of new content for Activity Superstore by devising a completely new and innovative approach. They achieved this by building a custom dashboard that enabled them to hone in on more relevant pieces of data with greater efficiency.

So, what impact did this have on Activity Superstore?

Well to be frank, without accurate and relevant data you can expect your SEO performance to be slow. Our bespoke dashboard was able to give direct visibility to Activity Superstore on what exactly was and wasn’t working. This luxury enabled them to act quickly at the first sign of when something wasn’t working. If you want to see how the magic happened, click here.

SEO For Ecommerce Insights Event

The crux of this event is to unearth important and decisive aspects surrounding SEO and content strategies to help maximise sales for businesses. Guests will be treated to an expert panel of hosts to sail through the golden rivers of information that will be flowing freely in both Edinburgh and Cardiff. Excited? You certainly should be.

Anyway, so who’s on the panel I hear you ask?

Scott McLay - SEO for Ecommerce

Scott is Yard’s tech guru, so his job will be to guide you through the basics of Ecommerce as well as the data insight that should power your Ecommerce strategy. 

Paul Newbury - Predictive Modelling Content Success

Paul will be highlighting the importance of quality content in helping to sway customers into purchasing your product over your competitors. In the talk, Paul will also give insights into clustering and segmenting content to help ensure that your natural visits also convert. 

Tracey Drain - Cranking the Amazon Flywheel: Understanding Amazon Search and Actionable Insights for your Amazon Growth Plan

As you can guess from the title, this talk will be honing in on the strengths surrounding Amazon’s dominance in the Ecommerce industry. Tracey will explore the factors behind Amazon’s search algorithm, how to make your product pages more discoverable, as well as the necessary tools and tips to help sharpen your Ecommerce SEO strategy. 

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