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Adobe SiteCatalyst 15

25th March 2011 by Alex Davies | Data

Here at Yard we are eagerly anticipating the release of Adobe SiteCatalyst 15, which offers many additional benefits over its predecessors.

The Summit event, being one of the largest in the industry, gave insight into this new Adobe package which is due to be released in April of this year.

One of the more important changes within this software is the modifications to the existing architecture. Adobe state that they have re-designed the entire back end of SiteCatalyst so that it scales significantly better and provides additional functionality, such as instant segmentation and an improved interface. SiteCatalyst has previously been limited to Data Warehouse and Discover, which are both powerful tools but with their own limitations, such as issues with lag, integration with certain reporting tools, and expensive costs. This will all be changed in version 15 as a common segmentation engine will be implemented which will alleviate these issues. However, for Adobe to integrate this new architecture onto a user’s server, the user will have to work closely with professional services agencies to ensure the upgrade runs as smoothly as possible, as once a user has upgraded they are unable to go back due to the way the new SiteCatalyst processes data. For servers with high volumes, this could mean many months until version 15 is fully integrated.

In addition, Adobe will be implementing socialytic capabilities within this new version, which could prove to be beneficial as this field is growing rapidly. However, it is doubtful that it will efficiently provide enough quantitative data in comparison to other leading socialytic tools that are currently on the market.

Overall we are excited to see the new release of Adobe SiteCatalyst 15 in April, but are unsure how it will fare against the new WebTrends 10. WebTrends’ latest version, also scheduled for release in that same month, runs off existing tagging and therefore requires no technical modifications (as far as we are aware).

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