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A Pinteresting Look at Analytics

25th October 2012 by Jennie Stamp | Content & Search, Data

With over 10 million users, Pinterest has certainly made an impression in the social media landscape. However, one issue I frequently hear from fellow Pinterest users is the desire for site analytics.

The social pinboard grew so rapidly and then appeared to hit a wall. Apart from the occasional tweak here and there to make the site more user friendly, analytics have yet to be incorporated into the platform like other networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn. So with a clear opportunity, a number of independent Pinterest analytics platforms have been appearing so I’ve tried them out and this is what I’ve found…


Pinerly focus on ‘Smart Visual Marketing’ by getting ‘your visual content seen by millions of people, Simple. Works like magic.’ It might not be ‘magic’, but still allows users to do the following:

  • Start a Pinterest campaign using a single Pin.
  • Measure your campaigns by comparing them to see what works best.
  • Pinerly will suggest pins to engage your followers by observing your content.
  • Follow other relevant pinners.
Overall, a nice looking useful platform to view analytics for your chosen pins at a glance.

Pinalytics scrapes Pinterest and other social platforms and integrates with Google Analytics. The site is a bit rough around the edges but provides useful and varied data. User are able to:

  • Search Pins, Boards and People using key words or terms.
  • Log in using your Google Analytics account to view traffic that originated from Pinterest on your site.

Overall, this platform simply and attractively displays data about pins, boards or people, covering a wide variety of social platforms. This data can then be exported or copied to your clipboard.

Pinpuff is a free tool, its purpose being to measure your popularity on Pinterest. After signing up to the site, your ‘Pinfluence’ is calculated and you’re signed up for perks. Their aim is to ‘accurately measure Pinterest user’s influence, reach and virality on Pinterest.’ With a separate section for businesses to help them use Pinterest for ‘effective and targeted brand promotion’. The breakdown of the Pinfluence score provides the following:

  • Reach, activity and virality scores with a descriptions of how they are calculated.
  • A breakdown of the analytics for each individual board.
  • Other quick stats such as most popular boards, number of likes, repins, liked, boards, etc.

Overall this platform offers a nice variety of useful statistics for individual users and businesses.

Repinly simply helps users find popular boards, pins, pinners. The homepage display ‘trending pins’ to show users what is popular. Once logged in, you are provided with the following:

  • A Pinterest score – after reading the small print I found out this was calculated by popularity, activity, and influence on Pinterest and the top is score is 100.
  • Popularity – this is simply how many followers you have and how many you are following.

Overall, this is probably my least favourite of the lot. Your Pinterest score is the largest thing on the screen in a big red box and seems slightly irrelevant. This platform is good for an overview of what is popular on Pinterest, but not for personalised specific statistics.

PinReach (formerly PinClout) was launched earlier this year but has since been sold as ‘I (Chris Fay) have made the decision to accept a position with Google, the result of which means a conflict of interest barring my continued development on PinReach.’ So that is one less platform for us to choose from.

My verdict

I am pleased there are so many Pinterest analytics tools to choose from now. Having tried and tested them all, I would have to say that my favourite is probably Pinpuff, even with its slightly ridiculous name, I found the analytics it provided to be really useful and a good range for users and businesses.

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