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10k and 15 Yards

31st August 2012 by Amanda Bathory | News & Events

It’s that time of year again…

The Cardiff 10k run is one of the biggest community events of the year. Thousands of trainers pound the pavements, lycra-clad and fancy dress runners alike invade the city streets like we were ‘born to run’.

Training, Yard style

The Cardiff Yardies are merrily involved every year, with this September being no exception. 2012 is our biggest effort yet; with three teams of five, competitive tensions are at fever pitch. Serious training began weeks ago with exhausting hours of training in gyms, jogging around parks, to and from the water cooler and 11k stints in lunch hour!  Some serious (questionable) life style changes including diet, exercise and daily office etiquette, have somewhat altered the social temperature of the office.

Cardiff 10k, Yard crew 2011 Cardiff 10k, Yard crew 2011

Alpha dogs of last year’s run, (33rd team placement and 1st out of Yard’s entries) have been less than subtle about their previous successes.  “This is what you call natural talent. You are born with it,” said Developer, Harry Chan as he stretched his hamstring on the dinner table and usually helpful Yardite, Chris Jenkins, announced “I will carry this team to victory… just don’t get in my way!” Director, Paul Newbury, has been encouraging quick reflex training by randomly throwing a stealthy red ball at unsuspecting analysts.

Such is this dog-eat-dog world we find ourselves in, other Yardsters have taken to Olympian dietary rules to improve their game. Along with a huge delivery of Graze boxes every Monday, there have been some unusual revelations: “I eat massive curries,” said developer Sam Hockey “because the carbs see me through,” and analyst Tara Brown has had a mysterious yellow apple/lemon on her desk, whose power simply cannot be harnessed.

For others, this is a family affair. 1st place Yardy of 2011, was no Yardy at all! Head of Analytics Gareth Russell was heard to cry “FAAAAAAATHER” (Douglas Reynholm, IT Crowd: 2007) when his Dad crossed the finish line as Yard’s mightiest runner. In an exciting twist, once finishing the 10k Gareth sprinted the hospital to witness the birth of his own son. What an athlete!

Why are we doing it?

Last year our times ranged from 190th to 2292nd and as we are running for brilliant causes, everyone is motivated to run and fund raise. 15 Yardies will run/jog/limp/roll for Kidney Wales Foundation and Twerwaneho Orphans Community Initiative (TOCI).

Michael Amanyire founder of TOCI Michael Amanyire founder of TOCI

Toci raises money for orphaned children whose lives have been affected by aids. Our own Chris Charles travelled to Uganda and met with the community and teachers involved with TOCI. The money raised will contribute to ensuring these children are loved, educated and cared for, giving them agricultural experience and a safe place to live.

Kidney Wales foundation funds research into kidney diseases and gives valuable support to those awaiting transplant, or seeking care.

You can learn more about our charities by visiting our charity donation page, or clicking on the links above. Wish us luck!!!

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