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10 Years of Twitter – why we love it.

21st March 2016 by Lauren Pearson | News & Events

10 years ago today, on March 21st 2006, Twitter co-founder and current CEO Jack Dorsey sent the very first Tweet. It was nothing groundbreaking in terms of content: “just setting up my twttr” – but it paved the way for Twitter as it is today, a decade on.

It won’t surprise you much to hear that we’re a pretty social media savvy bunch here at Yard, so in the spirit of Twitter’s birthday and #LoveTwitter, we thought we’d share some of the reasons why WE love it.

Happy birthday twitter 10 #lovetwitter

Paul Newbury, Co-founder and CTO: I #LoveTwitter because it allows me to see snippets of important information at a glance, all based on people I’ve chosen to follow – which is great for someone without a lot of time on their hands!

Ian Daniels, Head of Digital: In 7 years of using Twitter I’ve met loads of people in real life after first discussing topics of mutual interest or attending Tweetups and many of them have now become friends. For me, this has made Twitter the most genuinely social network and is one of the many reasons why I #LoveTwitter

Lauren Pearson, PR & Marketing Executive: I #LoveTwitter so much I found a job that involved using it! I think the best thing about Twitter is being able to use it to find people who have the same interests as you, whether that’s tech, sports, fashion or just your favourite TV shows that none of your IRL friends are watching. Also, as a bit of a shopping addict, I think it’s amazing how Twitter has transformed customer service – it’s not the norm to spend ages on hold on the phone or waiting for an email anymore.

Jac Priestland, Data & Insight Manager: There’s a bunch of reasons why I #LoveTwitter – I can instantly get news updates as things happen, whether it’s local news or something that has happened on the other side of the world; I can follow my favourite football players and keep up with the latest results; I can share articles and stories with like-minded people and I can chat with my friends on there as well. Everytime you log on something new is happening!

Radek Milcarz, Senior Web Developer: I #LoveTwitter because of the crazy fast access to local information, the very friendly folks who use it (mostly) & because it supports animated GIFs.

Stephen Norman, Senior Technical Sales Consultant: I #LoveTwitter for keeping me up to date with the latest tech and world news – and for updating me on the football scores!

Nathan Stockford, Web Analyst Consultant: I #LoveTwitter because it makes it easy for me to access instant news and  up-to-date knowledge of the technology industry. I would be lost without it.

Josef Church-Woods, Campaign Manager: I check my Twitter feed regularly to get an instant overview of what’s happening in the world, and what people are talking about. It’s a great networking tool, as well as a fun way to contact and engage with celebrities and people you admire. Tweeting your favourite author or 1980s pop icon and getting a cheeky response can be quite thrilling!

Gerry Campbell, Client Relations Director: I #LoveTwitter  for the real-time global news and opinions available and also for the ability to easily reach brand customer service departments for the occasional moan…

Happy birthday Twitter – here’s to another 10 years!

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