Regular updates from Yard HQ - what we're doing, what we're contemplating and what's been happening.

DashHound brings beauty to Yard

DashHound are celebrating their three-month anniversary of sharing an office with us. Find out how our start-up incubator has helped them.

Meet the Yardies – Jeff & Rhys

Meet our Yardies. We’re a dedicated bunch of like-minded individuals growing rapidly because of our love for digital. This month, its Jeff and Rhys.

The official Yard guide to SEO trends in 2019

SEO trends prediction articles are focusing heavily on voice search this year. Yard MD Richard Falconer has a slightly different take on this trend.

Yard-vent calendar – Part 2

In the second installment of our Yard-vent countdown to Christmas, we’re giving you the gift of more insights, highlights from 2018 and emulating the ghost of Christmas future, with a look into key trends...

Women in Data 2018 conference

Last month, Yardie Emily Davies attended the Women in Data 2018 (WID 2018) Conference. Here’s what she had to say! 

Yard-vent calendar – Part 1

We have a slightly different countdown to Christmas this year with Yard-vent, our festive themed review of the year past and a look to the exciting year ahead.

Copywriting & Ethics in the Wellness Industry

Remember those controversial adverts for a supplement company called Protein World that caused a stir a few years back? The ads featured a bikini model against a yellow background with the words ‘Are you beach body...

Meet the Yardies – Joanna & Chris

This month, meet Joanna Moska, our Sales Development Manager from our Edinburgh office and Chris Jenkins, our Development Team Manager based in Cardiff.