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We love you data we do, oh data we love you (to the tune of a well-known footie chant in this the month of the FIFA World Cup).

Yard is packed full of people who love data. But why?

Is it because we have super clever people who love numbers, ratios, algorithms, lines of code, spreadsheets, reports and data vis? Yes, partly. But more importantly, it’s because of the outcomes that derive from data, outcomes which include enhancing our clients’ customers online experiences and delivering return on investment.

Just like the sports scientists and performance coaches who will be in Qatar with their national teams this month, we’re passionate about surfacing forensic levels of data. In our case, digital data. Deep diving into the data allows us to form insights for marketing decisions to be made and great experiences to be created.

Data is a vital component in the armoury of marketers. The digital world has presented marketers with a vast amount of customer data collected via a complex ecosystem of marketing technologies and tools. We love nothing more than supporting our clients in assessing the right tech for their businesses and leading them on a journey to maximise the power of the tools they’ve invested in.

Data should be at the heart of marketing decisions whilst adhering to privacy laws in the markets operated within. This allows us to understand the true performance of marketing channels (attribution) to form spend decisions, build data-driven optimised, targeted and personalised online experiences to increase conversions (CRO), and to maximise marketing operational efficiencies through marketing automation.

Visibility of data that you can trust sets the foundations for a holistic approach to your marketing efforts. This is a win win for both marketers, and the audiences they’re engaging with.

Our passion for data and a collaborative team effort with our clients has resulted in great outcomes. Outcomes such as:

The best male footballers on the planet will be performing at the FIFA World Cup this month. These highly talented athletes have reached this pinnacle with the support of sports scientists, performance analysts, conditioning coaches, nutritionists and more. Player and team strategies will be underpinned by a vast amount of data.

At Yard, our approach to marketing mirrors this comprehensive effort. Tying customer data, product strategy and marketing strategy together provides a consistent experience, ensuring the likely needs of all customers are met at every touchpoint.

I’m sure we will see some great performances (and hopefully outcomes, I was hoping in particular for my team Wales!) in the coming weeks and more data will be collected and analysed, as matches are contested, records are broken, and trophies are won.

At Yard, we will continue to strive for great outcomes for our clients and their customers driven by data. Whatever your goals, data can help you get there. Get in touch with me at, I'd be happy to discuss how we can help.

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