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Together Stronger. The Football Association of Wales have used this mantra in their marketing campaigns for around eight years. A period that has coincided with the organisation’s, and the national teams’, most successful period.

“Together. Stronger.” originated from ‘Gorau Chwarae Cyd Chwarae’, the motto that has appeared on the Welsh crest for over 50 years. It translates directly as ‘Best play is team play’, which essentially equates to ‘together we are stronger’. It has quite literally brought a nation together, striving for and driving success on and off the pitch at all levels.

At Yard, we have a similar value of Being stronger together (collaboration, sharing, partnering). We call ourselves Yardies and believe that collaboration between individuals within a team, between wider teams, with our clients and with our partners, provides us with the best possible chance of delivering great outcomes.

We have access to some brilliant human brains at Yard, and across the client teams that we collaborate with. Working in partnership and striving for the same goals can deliver stunning results. Of course, AI is also now increasingly playing a role in our everyday lives, but this should also be done in collaboration. We’re embracing AI to help us become even more efficient, which in turn should give us humans some more ‘heads up’ time.

Clients procure our services for our expertise in digital marketing disciplines and marketing technology. One area of this expertise is analytics, insights and optimisation. We’re an Adobe partner and have been accredited with Adobe Analytics Specialisation, an official recognition that validates skills, experience and expertise in analytics solutions.

As well as leading on the implementation of any Adobe technologies that our clients have invested in, we take pride in ensuring that the features and capabilities of the technology can be maximised by client teams. Post the initial implementation phase, we want our clients to have confidence in using the technology to access the data and reports that they need. Aiding them in their day-to-day jobs and providing the foundations for marketing decisions to be made.

Some of our clients have clear ambitions to own some analytics and optimisation tasks e.g. implementation of simple content delivery via Adobe Target. We tailor an education programme to match the ambitions of our clients and their stage of digital data maturity. Through a series of workshops, shadowing sessions, bespoke group/one-to-one training, practical exercises and written guides, we up-skill internal teams to the competency levels that they need to maximise use of the powerful Adobe technologies. See how we led Skipton Building Society to build on their in-house capabilities.  

Our experts are on hand to guide our clients through the process of upskilling internal teams. Typically, our analytical and technical experts provide on-going support for complex tasks allowing clients to maximise value from any budget spent with us. We also provide on-going bespoke Analytics training for any new client team members.  

Being a Welshman (I’m obviously biased), the Together Stronger journey that we’ve been on with the FAW has been fantastic. At Yard, adopting our value of Being stronger together continues to allow us to work in a culture of collaboration that delivers great results.

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