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Radically Better Results

What excites you most about your new role as Director of Search Engine Marketing at Yard?

I am really excited about working with the wider team — pushing what services Yard currently offers, what that could look like and develop into in the future.  


What does a successful growth strategy look like? 

Quite simple really, it's about efficiency and profitability for the business. Making working processes both internally and externally more effective, while ensuring that our clients get the best experience and expertise to answer their objectives for any work we undertake. 


How important is a strategic growth partnership between agency and client? 

Without a strategic approach with each and every client, there are only tactical/activations of channels. Where this is a requirement for some clients as “that’s what they need,” I am a strong believer that as an agency, our value can be added to map and plan out what the overarching strategy would look like for each client. This will allow the client to understand our approach, how we understand their objectives, positioning and targets — while pushing our wider range of services to each client. 


What are the key lessons that leadership has taught you?  

It sounds like a cliché — but there are a number of things that leadership has taught me over the last 20 years. Things like: 

  • Not every idea is a good idea – where we must be well versed and experienced in pushing back and challenging, both internally and externally. It allows us to focus on what matters and what can be achieved and delivered, whilst managing expectations. 

  • Good ideas come from everyone – it's not up to the owners/senior leadership teams to come up with the solutions for clients, services and so on... Ideas, ways of working, efficiencies etc. come from every single person in a team. It’s better to raise an issue with a process, or challenge a way of working with a better solution to map out change. 

  • Always hire/recruit those that are the right fit for the team/business - experience can be taught/learnt over time, but having someone who fits and works well with the culture of the business is probably more important to me. 


What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?  

Road cycling – I’ve been cycling all my life, from BMXing when I was young, to downhill mountain biking - which I had to give up due to the continued increase in broken bones. I moved to road cycling, which I love. It allows me to relax, unwind and immerse myself in the scenery around me when I am out. Below is a pic of me cheering on Geraint Thomas at Tour de France in Alpe d’Huez... 

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