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Search Engine Journal recently released their first State of SEO Report, and it certainly makes for some interesting reading.

Their survey of over 2,000 SEO professionals covered everything from the opportunities for growth off the back of the pandemic, to salaries, to what will be the most important ranking factor in the future. 

Two things really stood out to us. 

Misplaced priorities

The first and most glaring detail was that only 10.6% of SEO professionals think demonstrating ROI will be a top focus in SEO over the next year, which was way down the list of priorities of most.  

Secondly, there was not one mention of sustainability. A focus on ROI and only carrying out the work that will drive the most revenue is not only a great business model, but it is also a naturally sustainable way of working, by eliminating wasted resource and energy. 

That’s what Cubed does. It informs you on exactly which keywords, pages, categories and sub-categories will drive the most revenue with the minimum effort. It prioritises activity that will drive the most revenue and increase your ROI. 

Demonstrating a return on investment is the foundation of what we do. We forecast traffic, sales and revenue for our clients from the start. We outline how much revenue and what the ROI for our activity is. We also track many additional metrics such as rankings, organic visibility and market share, but it is always sales, revenue and ROI that are the defining success metrics we report on. 

A sharper focus

Traffic is important, but quality traffic is where we focus our attention. There’s no point sending traffic to an ecommerce site if that traffic doesn’t convert. Most now acknowledge that traffic as empty, but with what we now know about digital sustainability, it’s downright wasteful. 

Of course, brand awareness is important, and informational content definitely has its value in the customer journey, but we focus on conversions, sales and ROI. 

In the State of SEO Report, they found that 38.7% of respondents think zero click searches are the greatest threat to SEO.  

We don’t. We don’t see it as a threat at all.  

This is especially true for ecommerce, where revenue is everything. This should not be a concern, a zero click search is not transactional. You can’t buy a watch, an insurance product or a piece of software via a zero click search, as that is not the intent of the searcher.  

They want to know a piece of information quickly, and if they can find that without having to click, that’s good user experience. We are not saying featured snippets etc. don’t have value and don’t play a big part in the customer journey but they are not necessarily going to be the terms that will increase revenue and provide a strong ROI. 

The right impact

We have recently won some awards, and we’re incredibly proud of the awards we have won. We have won Best ROI and Best Use of Data x2 at the Global Content Awards and the UK Search Awards. We achieved this for the work we did with RingCentral, delivering an ROI of £19 for every £1 spent. The activity has not only won awards, but has been picked up by Econsultancy

We demonstrate ROI by using data to make informed decisions, to focus on the activity that will have the biggest impact.  

Cubed enables us to achieve greater ROI for our clients while at the same time reducing our impact on the environment by doing less activity, cutting out the activity that does not deliver results.  

Aline enables us to improve the performance of websites so they are more efficient and the beautiful thing is, this naturally improves the Core Web Vital score of websites. It is impossible to argue against!  

Our goal is to become more efficient, to demonstrate greater returns on investment and to reduce our impact on the environment. If we can do all three of those at the same time, we’re truly doing our job.