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Enhancing site health

Technical SEO ensures the technical health of your website, which is vital for search engine visibility and user experience alike.

Our approach begins with the fundamentals. Search engines use bots to crawl and index websites, which is akin to adding your website's pages to their vast digital address book. If these bots can't effectively navigate your site, it's unlikely your site will rank on search engines. As a technical SEO agency, we’ll work alongside you to ensure that every page is accessible, crawlable, and primed for indexing, helping to boost your search visibility and drive better organic performance.

Specialist technical SEO audits

When it comes to ranking well on search engines, each website's SEO challenges are unique, influenced by factors such as site architecture, the content management system (CMS) used, and JavaScript reliance.

For instance, eCommerce sites often grapple with product page optimisation and complex site structures, WordPress sites face challenges related to their chosen themes and plugins, while web apps can encounter difficulties with JavaScript-heavy content being fully crawlable by search engines.

Nevertheless, the most common issues we frequently identify in our technical SEO audits include:

  • Crawler directives (Robots.txt, Robots Meta, X-Robots)
  • XML sitemaps
  • Broken links
  • Redirects
  • JavaScript SEO
  • Core Web Vitals / Page speed
  • Duplicate content (Canonical tags, Hreflang)

Our technical SEO consultants can help demystify these complexities, aiding you in identifying and prioritising both these common issues, along with other more niche problems, via a comprehensive technical SEO audit. The audit is an integral part of our discovery process and can be likened to a comprehensive health check.

What’s different about our approach?

Every aspect of your website is scrutinised with all underlying issues identified. The insights from the technical SEO audit are then combined with data across digital PR, content and analytics to help us craft a bespoke SEO strategy that resonates with your unique business objectives.

Yard will partner with you to prioritise the issues identified, based on their impact and the effort required to fix. Our approach ensures that these recommendations take into account your business goals, wider SEO strategy and internal resources. Our technical audits are designed to drive efficiency, detailing specific challenges and the steps required to fix them. There’s no fluff, which makes the required actions easy to identify, deliver and measure.

Maximising your site's performance

Websites are updated regularly. With change comes revisions that may affect SEO rankings and user experience. We’ll help your teams to identify where problems may arise and mitigate them.

Organic ranking & Visibility tracking

Our technical SEO strategy includes conducting regular crawls of your website and reporting any changes that are causing problems – ensuring that your website consistently delivers to its full potential. Additionally, we’ll combine this technical data with analytics data and organic ranking and visibility which will allow us to monitor how changes to your site boost or harm your rankings.

SEO reporting and dashboarding

Our team doesn't just stop at monitoring. We also provide bespoke SEO reports and SEO dashboards that translate complex data into actionable insights. These then help form the foundation of a strategic plan tailored to your unique goals and market position.

SERP analysis and Google algorithm recovery

The search landscape is in constant flux, and agility is key. Our approach involves making you aware of these changes and making responsive adjustments to your SEO strategy, ensuring your site not only keeps pace with, but also anticipates and leads market trends.

Google and other search engines are making constant changes to their algorithms which can significantly impact your site's organic visibility. Therefore, understanding the search landscape is pivotal for SEO success. Our SERP (Search Engine Results Page) analysis offers a comprehensive view of how your site stacks up against competitors. This analysis provides valuable insights into current trends, keyword effectiveness, and opportunities for improvement which can help you recover from any Google algorithm changes.

Technical support

Partnering with Yard means gaining a dedicated team of technical SEO specialists committed to safeguarding your brand’s search visibility.

SEO-friendly website migrations

Redesigning or migrating a website, launching a new site, expanding into a new market, or making major changes to your site architecture or structured data. Each of these projects are critical undertakings with many different teams with competing priorities which can result in additional risks. Our goal is to ensure these undertakings enhance, rather than hinder, your online presence.

Website migrations can take various forms, which range in both scale and depth. These can include domain migrations, domain consolidations, migrating to a new CMS or a full site restructure. Whatever the circumstances, our migration support service identifies and details how these risks can be mitigated.

We’ll work closely with you to benchmark your site pre-migration, support the migration process, and provide continued post-migration support to ensure that historic performance is not only maintained but improved, laying a solid foundation for future campaigns.

Technical SEO consultancy

If you’re in need of more advanced technical SEO consulting, our team is equipped to handle complex tasks such as:

  • Google penalty recovery – identify the specific type of Google penalty affecting your site via a comprehensive backlink analysis that lets us develop a tailored recovery plan.
  • Hreflang implementation – ensuring your site is set up for multilingual and multiregional targeting, enhancing international SEO.
  • Local SEO - tailor your site and business listings to show for local results more effectively.
  • Structured data strategy – ensuring that your site content is better understood by search engines.
  • Log file analysis - understand exactly how search engines are interacting with your website through detailed analysis of server logs.
  • JavaScript SEO – ensure the dynamic and interactive elements of your site are optimised to cater to both users and search engines.
  • eCommerce SEO – eCommerce sites require tailored SEO strategies to enhance search visibility for your products.
  • Information architecture – strengthen the structure of your website content and enhance the user experience and site engagement through improved site navigation.#
  • Internal linking – optimise your internal linking strategy to improve content discoverability and guide users naturally through your site.

Get in touch with our technical SEO consultants today to enhance your site's organic performance and drive measurable organic results.