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Channel attribution and marketing analytics

The power of propensity

In today's data-driven world, businesses rely on a wealth of information to make informed decisions and understand customer behaviour. For marketing professionals, one of the key challenges is determining the effectiveness of various marketing channels in influencing customer conversions. This is where multi-touch attribution comes into play.

It offers a sophisticated approach to understanding how different touchpoints contribute to a customer's journey. And when combined with incremental propensity modeling, it becomes a powerful attribution tool for marketers to optimise their strategies and drive growth.

Syncing across multiple devices

Using sync IDs, Cubed stitches together data from multiple devices providing a holistic and accurate view of the customer journey – this is key to understanding the performance of all marketing activity.

Hard-to-track channels and integrating non-click touchpoints

Modern marketing goes beyond the realm of clicks. Television and radio ads, billboards, print media, and brand partnerships play a crucial role in building brand awareness. These channels often lack direct attribution, but they are invaluable for reaching a broad audience. A full attribution model integrates non-click channels, recognising their contribution and importance.

Multi-level reporting

In today's data-driven world, businesses rely on comprehensive reporting to make informed decisions. However, a one-size-fits-all approach to reporting often falls short, as different stakeholders require varying levels of detail and insights. Multi-level reporting addresses this challenge, providing high-level overviews for senior business leaders while also offering detailed insights for day-to-day operators.

Advanced rule builders for channels

With advanced rules for classification, each interaction can be assigned to the right channel or subchannel. A perfect advanced rule configuration would be assigning a visit to an affiliate channel because they used an affiliate coupon on checkout, even though they may have come in via direct. These advanced classifications allow Cubed clients understand complex user journeys and how to optimise them.

API integrations include:

"Large enough to serve as the super brain behind our marketing efforts yet small enough to still feel very much like an extension of our own team."

— Simon Boice, Head of Digital Performance at Lovehoney Group

Content strategy & tools

Content performance

Analyse the performance of all aspects of your website, including attributed traffic, assists, and conversions.

Keyword and Page Prioritisation

Identify keywords and prioritise pages for optimisation that will maximise your return on investment.

Search Trends

Understand the search velocity of queries relevant to your sector and know when popular keywords and phrases will trend over time.

Automated Keyword Research

Automate the lengthy process of keyword research and find the search terms that will significantly improve your visibility.

SEO Performance

Analyse the SEO performance of all aspects of your website, including attributed traffic and conversions.

Technical SEO

Ensure technically sound foundations underpin your website, improving page speed and performance. Indexation, page status codes, cannonicalisation, unused JavaScript, load times and more. Cubed scrutinises every component of technical SEO.

Performance vs. Forecast

Understand the performance of your marketing activity across all channels against forecast data.

"Not only did it allow us to secure over 3,000 additional leads but its insights were responsible for driving a staggering $12 million in revenue for the brand."

— Michael Frearson, Head of International Brand at RingCentral

Customer insights

Single customer view

With Cubed you have a consolidated view of all customer data. This means you can view all interactions customers have with your brand in one easy-to-digest dashboard.

Customer segmentation

Understanding your audience is the key to success. Our innovative solution empowers you to divide your customer base into distinct segments based on demographics, behaviour, and preferences. Tailor your marketing strategies with precision, delivering targeted content that resonates with each segment. Cubed proprietary data allows you to effectively target your audience based on:

  • Propensity scores
  • Event data (Add to cart, checkout, etc.)
  • Customer lifetime revenue
  • Time since last: Visit/Sale/Event
  • Geographical location

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