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In July 2023, Universal Analytics will be retired in favour of Google Analytics 4 (GA4). Although this is next year, now is the time to optimise your analytics.

GA4 measures different types of data across both web and app, providing an enhanced experience of analytics compared to its predecessors. With increased privacy regulations and the phasing out of third-party cookies, Google has created a solution durable for the future.

Find out more information from our Head of Data Services on the key features of GA4 here.

Why now?

Changing over to GA4 requires wholesale change across your business. There are a number of reasons why it’s important to act now:

  • Mitigate historical data loss: The sooner that GA4 is configured, the more historical data will be available in the new property.
  • Training your team to use GA4: The new software has a new user interface and features. An essential step to ensure your team are prepared when UA stops processing new data.
  • Considering your options: It presents a great opportunity to take stock of your analytics requirements and setup, which takes time.

Key dates

31st June 2022: Deadline for processing year-on-year data
1st July 2023: Universal Analytics properties stops processing new hits
1st October 2023: Google Analytics 360 properties stops processing new hits

What we'll do

  • An assessment of your existing analytics setup to capture requirements and ensure the GA4 configuration meets your needs.
  • A best practice GA4 migration that sets your business up to gain more value from your marketing data.
  • Support and guidance as your team adapts to GA4's new interface and features.

Next steps

To discuss migrating your data to GA4, enter your email below and we’ll be in touch.