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Radically Better Results

B Corp Certified


Our team of data specialists apply tested methods to gain a thorough understanding of the capabilities and ambitions of your organisation.

We appraise your existing data setup and determine whether it’s sufficient to surface the insights you need to guide efficient decision making. We’ll provide a prioritised list of opportunities for improvement which we can help you deliver.

As a result, we help you achieve your goals through data.

Our experience

Great data health allows stakeholders to make informed, agile marketing decisions in real-time. Having conducted a number of these health checks across a range of sectors; from finance to software, and travel to eCommerce, we know that the businesses that have robust data in their toolkit make better decisions and evolve ahead of their competitors.

Process & deliverables

The digital data health check is conducted in a number of stages, including:

  • A full digital data maturity appraisal
  • One-to-one interviews with eight key stakeholders in the business
  • A stakeholder workshop with up to eight participants
  • A thorough check of website analytics requests
  • An analysis of data held within the analytics

Following this discovery process, our team deliver:

  • An analytics implementation vs best practice report
  • A gap analysis vs requirements report
  • Recommendations and improvements with associated effort estimates
  • Findings play-back video call (approx. 2 hours)

In addition, we can provide solution implementation, training and retained consultancy to support your journey to improved data maturity.

We'd love to help you achieve your goals through data. Get in touch today.