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Adobe Analytics & Adobe Target Reviews

Prevailing economic headwinds, and the growing expectations of consumers and business leaders, mean that it's never been more important to maximise your organisation's return from marketing technologies. Adobe's suite of solutions are among the most sophisticated on the market and Yard's team has vast experience helping companies extract more value from these powerful tools.

Marketers are under increasing pressure to deliver data-driven decision making and personalisation at scale, but even mature departments find it difficult to deliver best-practice configurations and have to do their best with setups that aren't fit for purpose.

"We don't know where to start", "paralysis by analysis", and "we can't see the wood for the trees" are phrases we commonly hear, as marketing leaders struggle to gain a clear understanding of their issues and chart a roadmap toward best-in-class implementations. That's why Yard is pleased to be offering complimentary Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target reviews to a select number of organisations: providing an additional layer of expertise and assurance to help you move toward more effective digital marketing.

How does it work?

  1. The client provides Yard with full access to their Adobe Analytics or Adobe Target setup.
  2. Yard’s expert analytics team performs an initial appraisal. Allow 30 days.
  3. Our team reports our initial findings in a 30-minute session to your organisation’s chosen stakeholders.

Key Benefits

  • Ensure your set up is delivering maximum value by identifying unknown issues and recommended fixes.

  • Get an expert appraisal of your configuration and its ability to meet your requirements.

  • Validate the business case with a second opinion before upgrading or extending your martech stack.

About Yard

We are an independent digital marketing agency with >15 years of experience helping large, complex organisations achieve digital maturity. With clients across several industries including financial services, retail, ecommerce, travel and utilities, we enable our client partners to achieve strategic goals through digital transformation. Yard is a proud Adobe Solution Partner, having achieved Adobe Analytics Specialisation.

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Next steps

To see if your organisation qualifies for a complimentary appraisal, fill out this form.

Looking for more?

Our Adobe Analytics review provides an effective first step toward mature digital analytics. If your organisation is looking for an exhaustive audit and detailed roadmap, see our Digital Data Health Check.