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The aim of this Environmental Policy is to provide guidance and show transparency to both our clients and associates as to how Yard Associates seek to reduce the impact of our operations on the environment.


The Managing Director and the Director of Operations have the responsibility of ensuring that environmental considerations are aligned with operational services and carbon off setting where at all possible.


Yard Associates is a private company that operates from Captial Tower, Cardiff. Our employees travel regularly to our offices and throughout the United Kingdom and Europe for client engagements. A considerable part our commitment is to travel predominantly by train, as opposed to plane travel, within the United Kingdom.

Recycling of paper in our offices and conveying good environmental practice to others by encouraging clients to consider the environment before printing emails sent by our company.


Our continuous improvement of our environmental policy through the co-ordination and promotion by Yard Associates Directors Stephan Briggs and Paul Newbury, responsible for staff and operations within and outside the company offices.


Monitoring of energy and utilities year on year.
Re-cycling initiatives on stationary and office furniture.
Carrying out our own recent office relocation.
By reducing the amount of paper communication, such as letters, newsletters, pamphlets and a commitment to making the main form of communication by email or intranet.
Printers in offices to operate with reduced consumables and energy consumption.
Reduced use of motor vehicles by means of staff using public transport and supported by flexible working hours and our video conference facility.
The disposal of redundant office furniture for re-use, where possible, or recycling.

Procurement of goods

Take account of whole life costs when assessing value for money.
Specifying recycled products where practical and procuring products with a low environmental impact over their life cycle.
Comply with the European Commission’s mandatory energy labelling scheme by giving preference to the most energy efficient products where they give value for money and take into account the whole life costs.

Management of offices

Consideration of essential and non-essential travel when meeting clients and the use of video/phone conferencing, reducing the impact of business and staff travel on the environment.

Following best practice guidelines such as the Carbon Trust initiatives and programmes.

Future targets

To continue to minimise our essential and non-essential travel approach as a matter of priority.
To further engage our staff in environmental protection through recycling paper and switching off energy when not in use.
The further development of waste re-cycling initiatives.
Setting of office printers to double-sided printing by default where possible.
Monitoring of equipment for low energy use before each working day that the office is in use and before weekend closing.