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Stay ahead of the curve. Earn authoritative links. Increase brand awareness. Improve organic performance.   

What is digital PR? 

Some might say that digital PR is where the magic happens! At Yard, we know that good digital PR results rely on a good strategy, having a deep understanding of our client’s needs and developing content that is going to be of genuine interest to people. Identifying trends and putting data-driven stories in front of the right audience is what we do.  


We love to chat with journalists and stakeholders to help tell your story, pitch your products, and generate coverage of your brand. Acting as the voice of your organisation, we can manage your press office and deal with proactive and reactive enquiries.  

Pitch perfect. 

Before your campaign is even in production, we know the end audience and the hook. It’s all about the hook – and the links. We are tenacious about our approach once a campaign is live. And we won’t stop until we get results. That’s a promise. Working from media and outreach target lists, we will pitch your story to our top tier and vertical media. You’ll be regularly updated on progress and even more so when we generate a piece of coverage. 


We build links. Authoritative links. We have for years and plan to do so for many more. It’s not easy. There’s a lot of hustle. We hustle day in day out to get you the best links we can. Quality over quantity and all built with long term value and safety in mind. Our link building activity improves your websites authority and increases your organic search visibility which results in better rankings and better revenue.  

Profile raising & Thought leadership. 

Move away from the side lines. If you want to raise your profile or have an opinion on a burning issue we want to hear more. Acting as a tactic within your wider PR strategy, we’ll work closely with you to get under the skin of your business to understand what really gets your mind racing and we’ll devise a strategy to make it happen. 

Getting down and dirty with data. 

We admit it, we’re data geeks. We love a stat. We love to interrogate it. We love how a percentage perks up a press release. We love having the raw, hard facts to hand to help build your story.  

Links won’t appear on their own. Our data-crunching skill will help to discover a hook, or we can help you to develop original data through surveys. We also work with our team of marvellous designers who can help to create eye-catching visuals to help further tell your story. 

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