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Data Science Powered CRO

Wednesday 30 October at 8:30am
Adobe Systems, Customer Experience Centre, 1 Old Street Yard, EC1Y 8AF

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About the event

Join us at the Adobe Customer Experience Centre as we discuss data science powered CRO. We have three presentations covering topics such as the future of customer experience and user journey, using experimentation to optimise commercial strategies and the use of neural network based scoring that Yard have been implementing using client data.

For the event we have four expert speakers with Stephen Pavlovich CEO of Conversion.com, Axel Heyenga Industry Strategy Director of Adobe and Paul Newbury CIO and Emily Davies Lead Data Scientist for Yard. The event will be chaired by Ian Daniels Head of Digital at Yard.

Axel Heyenga – Future of retail

In his talk Axel will highlight the main trends and insights for retail, examining the future of experiences in the customer journey along with how the industry is responding to the rapid changes in technology.

Stephen Pavlovich – Using experimentation to drive product

Experimentation isn’t just about optimising landing pages and customer experience, Stephen will highlight how it can also be use to optimise product and commercial strategies – getting data and insight that we can’t get anywhere else.

Paul Newbury & Emily Davies – Propensity Modelling: Predicting the Customer’s Next Move

Machine Learning and propensity modelling has formed a large part of attribution modelling within the Innovation offering at Yard. However, the opportunities to use this data in the wider business function are wide ranging. In this talk, Paul and Emily will provide an update to the neural network based scoring that they have been implementing using client data, as well as talking about the practical application of this data within the CRO space, specifically for driving dynamically presented content to customers based on their predicted needs.


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The Speakers

Axel Heyenga
Industry Strategy Director – Adobe

As Industry Strategy Director in Automotive Axel is driving and leading the global Automotive Strategy & GTM at Adobe, helping Automotive Customers, Partners and our Field to excel in their work. Working with all of the best Brands in Automotive, Axel has the opportunity to see and actively help Executives to get the latest on how to build outstanding and differentiating Experiences for their Customers.

Stephen Pavlovich
CEO – Conversion.com

Stephen Pavlovich is the CEO of Conversion.com, the UK’s largest conversion optimisation agency. Working with clients like Domino’s, Just Eat and Facebook, they’ve optimised websites and apps, and tested pricing, functionality and new products. Their clients range from SMEs to Fortune 500 corporations. Across the US, UK and Europe, they have worked in diverse B2B and B2C industries, including SaaS, finance, travel, ecommerce, media, health, and gaming.

Emily Davies
Lead Data Scientist – Yard

Emily Davies is Yard’s Lead Data Scientist and runs a team of data scientists who work on providing innovative, data-driven solutions to client needs. Emily is a Mathematics graduate from Cardiff University, and is currently studying towards an MPhil in Machine Learning. She has been responsible for leading the implementation of Neural Network based attribution models, as well as supporting the practical use of predictive data across numerous business functions.

Paul Newbury
CIO – Yard

Paul Newbury is Yard’s CIO and is responsible for Yard’s data services strategy, information security and more, and is a huge advocate for business assisting with education. The resident expert on marketing attribution, Paul is a regular speaker and practitioner on the practical application of statistical methods, machine learning and mathematical modelling.

Ian Daniels
Head of Digital – Yard

A respected agency director, Ian has a wealth of experience in digital marketing leading the strategy, delivery and senior stakeholder management for Yard’s clients. Having delivered attribution, optimisation and complex analytics projects to large organisations both client side and agency side, Ian brings an understanding of how to discover the right questions to ask, the data required to answer them and the processes and people needed to effect positive change from any output.


Beyond the talks, there will be an opportunity to network over complimentary breakfast and coffee.

08:30 – 09:00 AM
Registration & breakfast

09:00 – 09:05 AM
Ian Daniels, Yard

09:05 – 9:35 AM
Axel Heyenga, Adobe

09:35 – 10:05 AM
Stephen Pavlovich, Conversion.com

10:05 – 10:35 AM
Paul Newbury & Emily Davies, Yard

10:35 – 11:00 AM

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