What’s the brief?  

With the impact of travel due to Covid, VisitScotland wanted to look forward with hope and optimism and to be ready for when travel resumes, and we can welcome back visitors from across Europe. Starting with six markets as a focus, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Netherlands, there was a need to build a content strategy that not only targets all these markets but prioritises which markets will drive the most traffic and conversions. 

What are the client’s objectives? 

To increase traffic across the core European markets of the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Netherlands and to build a content strategy that clearly proves which pages will drive the most traffic and conversions. 

What services will we provide? 

  • Cubed
  • Content strategy
  • Keyword research
  • Content creation
  • Optimisation

What are our proposed solutions? 

Our global content dashboard within Cubed is the perfect solution as it helps determine which pages, either existing or required, will provide the best return on their investment, across all markets and channels.  

The data that goes into Cubed determines the success of the insights and analysis that comes out. We’ve conducted keyword research across all markets for VisitScotland before but it needed a refresh and we also completely reviewed and reworked the categorisation of the keywords and how we map individual keywords to URLs. It didn’t exactly rip it up and start again, but it was close.  

We reviewed the keywords across UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Netherlands, conducted new keyword research in each market (this is ongoing and never stops), and recategorised. We pull data from Semrush and AWR API to provide up to date accurate data on search volumes and current keyword rankings.  

We always conduct local keyword research and local market insights as part of our research and analysis. We factor in product priority and where necessary market tiers, to determine which markets are most important. In this case, we excluded the market tier as VisitScotland just want to know what markets will drive the most traffic and conversions.  

The model considers many factors, including click-through rates, current rankings, glass ceiling ranking, which factors competition and what the optimal ranking position is, and calculates what the opportunity is for all keywords. Cubed then calculates how many additional visits a keyword, URL or category can achieve if it achieved optimal ranking and click-through rate and provides an overall page score, for every single URL across all markets to determine which page has the best potential for traffic and conversion.  

We use this data to build out a content strategy across all markets, either optimising existing pages or creating new pages that we know will drive increased traffic and conversions. Imagine knowing which pages, across all global markets, will drive the most traffic and revenue? It’s the dream of content optimisation. 

Want to know more?

Andrew Skinner, Business Development – Cubed

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