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The Brief

We started our partnership with Skipton Building Society (SBS) at the beginning of their journey to create a fully personalised and consistent online experience for their customers. Utilising the Adobe technology stack (Analytics, Audience Manager, Campaign and Target), existing CMS Sitecore and in partnership with expert practitioners (such as ourselves), a collaborative client, tech vendor and agency project began. A project to put the technology, infrastructure and supporting processes in place to enable SBS to provide personalised​ marketing to individuals online.​

client goals

  • Deliver on specific personalisation use cases, created as an output of a discovery phase, to enhance customer online experiences.
  • Influence the marketing funnel from consideration through to relationship building.
  • Provide visibility on customer behaviours and interactions across all digital platforms, allowing for smart marketing decisions.
  • Fully migrate to the Adobe stack, building in-house capabilities and skills.
  • Deliver personalised relevant content to SBS customers to increase conversion.

Our Solutions

When Skipton Building Society approached us about the personalisation project, we kicked things off by launching a discovery phase involving a series of workshops with business stakeholders and across all teams with a vested interest in digital data. Yardies spoke to team members from digital, business intelligence, IT and marketing. A phase of work that the SBS team fully embraced setting the foundations for a successful project.  

We worked with the client to create use cases focused on both customer acquisition and retention to deliver on project vision. Requirements were captured and documented in a Business Requirements Document (BRD), with the first deliverable being a data layer specification.  

We led SBS through the data layer and analytics process from educating teams unfamiliar with the approach, specification creation, data points gap analysis, implementation support, QA, regression testing, deployment and data validation. Adopting a one team ethos proving valuable to the success of the project.  

The Adobe Analytics implementation forms the backbone for all personalisation use cases to be met. It also provides SBS with a forensic level of visibility of customer behaviours across their digital platforms. Visibility on data and insights for marketing decisions to be made.  

We also led on Adobe Target enablement allowing SBS to deliver optimised and personalised content. Delivering the right content to audience types based on hypotheses covering sales funnel stage, marketing channel entry point and online and offline behaviour. SBS, with our support, are now gearing up to a cyclical approach of test, learn, repeat and improve, all driven by the data.  

Through running a series of training sessions across Adobe Analytics, Adobe Launch and Adobe Target we have been supporting SBS to build on their in-house capabilities.

tools used

The results

Following a collaborative effort by Yardies and the great SBS team, the Skipton site has now been fully migrated to the Adobe stack. We are now working on rolling out the technology across all other digital platforms.  

We will continue to work closely with SBS to ensure that they maximise the technology that they have invested in, help them analyse the data surfaced in Adobe Analytics and continue to deliver optimised content via Adobe Target as they continue on their journey to personalise customer experiences.  

We will update this case study as the journey progresses.

Want to know more?

Ross Foley, Business Development – Data Services

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