Shelter Scotland

campaigning to make a difference

The Brief

There is a housing emergency. Over 1.5 million people are living in overcrowded, dangerous, unstable or unaffordable housing in Scotland.

Shelter Scotland are campaigning to make a difference through social justice and a fairer housing system. 

Shelter Scotland were looking for an agency to help upskill their content, marketing and campaigns team. They wanted to better understand how to conduct keyword research and create an optimised content strategy that would help people in need.  

Shelter wanted to understand what people are searching for when facing homelessness and unsafe housing and to help train their team on how to help answer these queries in the best possible way on the Shelter Scotland site.

client goals

Shelter Scotland strive to give people struggling with bad housing or homelessness the help they need, through advice, support and legal services. 

They campaign relentlessly to achieve their vision of a safe, secure, affordable home for everyone. 

Shelter Scotland wanted to support those in need by working with an agency to create content that was discoverable and informative.

Our Solutions

Getting to know the Shelter Scotland team was one of the first tasks. We had an initial kickoff meeting, where we met with the team to understand what their own needs were, what they wanted to gain from the sessions, how we could help, and to understand current knowledge levels.  

Due to the restrictions in place, all meetings and training sessions were conducted virtually.  

Once we had completed our research and requirements gathering, we created bespoke training materials for the Shelter Scotland team. 

We created a training structure, outlining each area we would cover and what would be involved, making it as practical as possible. Once created, we shared this with the team at Shelter Scotland for their approval ensuring we were delivering the right training for them. 

The keyword research session involved all aspects, starting off with a basic intro to keywords, discussing how to understand the keyword intent, tools to use, targeting the keywords that will have the biggest impact, how to categorise keywords to help create an optimisation strategy and the data points involved in keyword research and analysis. 

Following the session, we provided tasks to the Shelter Scotland team to complete keyword research on a specific topic to help apply the learnings of the training session. 

The next session involved content optimisation training. We covered why content is important to SEO, how do you best make use of your keyword research, what are the key on-page elements, how to complete competitor & SERP analysis, writing for humans and how to create an optimisation strategy.  

We also delivered a creative and collaborative training session on digital PR, ideation and execution.  

Once the training sessions were complete, we conducted keyword research and implemented a six-month content optimisation calendar for Shelter Scotland to optimise their site with. Yard will collaborate closely with the team to implement this activity.

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Lyle Hastie, Business Development – Search

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