The brief: 

To build a report that works. A report that stitches online and offline purchases, can provide an accurate picture of customer journeys and provide insights into the lifetime value of a customer. To show the true value of marketing spend, across all channels and to provide measurable insights that improve the customer experience and increase revenue. 


To create a completely bespoke report within Cubed, that not only accurately attributes all sales online and offline, across all channels, but can provide the insights that help the marketing strategy to be as agile as possible. Essentially, put the budget to the channels that drive the best return and improve the channels that are underperforming. Data led, human-driven. 


It was always going to be Cubed. Google Analytics is a great general analytics tool that when set up well provides lots of information, but it’s limited and skewed towards paid channels. Adobe is powerful but restrictive for our client’s needs. We launched the Cubed tag on the site and used the Magento 2 API and other APIs to help us get a full picture of all sales, across all channels. We then backdated sales for as far back as we could and let Cubed’s machine learning and attribution modelling take over.  

It’s early days but we’ve successfully built a model that pulls in all Magento 2 data and attributes sales accurately. Cubed uses Machine learning to intelligently assign a value to every touchpoint or interaction, whether that’s a PPC campaign, email, affiliate or tweet and reconciles this with conversion events like revenue. As Cubed learns more about how customers buy, the model becomes more intelligent and even more accurate. We call the value attributed to these interactions True Value. Cubed provides actionable insights from all stages of the buyer’s journey and lets us optimise the marketing strategy for the best ROI. 

Cubed also drives the PPC and SEO strategy by helping us understand what keywords, URLs, categories and products have the most potential for conversion.  

It’s not just a report that works, it prevents wastage and provides insights to deliver an agile marketing strategy based on your data. It’s exciting stuff.  

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Andrew Skinner, Business Development – Cubed

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