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The beauty industry has experienced an influx of influencers in recent years. But as consumers wisen up to inauthentic paid posts and the technicalities of influencer marketing, cultivating a genuine community of brand advocates has never been so relevant. Our brief was to create a high-quality micro-influencer community for a well-known beauty brand. The aim was to further heighten the brand’s presence through the use of earned media. In doing so, we positioned the brand to own a credible space through culminating bona fide brand evangelists.


  1. Transform brand fans into advocates, sharing their love for the brand within their own online communities.
  2. Generate significant engagement and an uplift in brand sentiment amongst followers.
  3. Create high-quality links to the client’s site heightening their digital presence.


In it for the long-haul

We crafted a year-long engagement plan complete with a series of content campaigns. We encouraged participation by granting our micro-influencers creative freedom, extensive access to products, and exposure on brand channels.

Our (client’s) type on paper

It was crucial to bring the perfect micro-influencers onboard. We developed meticulous vetting criteria and put authenticity at the forefront of the strategy. In order to stand apart from the plethora of brands creating brand ambassadors out of influencers based purely on follower count, our priority was to identify those with a heartfelt passion for our client. In nurturing relationships with each of our ambassadors, we have developed an exceptional team of advocates, contributing to the overall success of the community.

Seasonal substance

We built genuine relationships with the community. We maintained ongoing communication throughout the year and treated them with personalised gifts for new product launches and seasonal offers. To keep community content fresh, we developed four campaigns, one for each season of the year, providing a solid structure for content production. This, combined with the opportunity for influencer to create content that was true to their personal brands meant that outputs were unique, of exceptional quality, and engaging to followers.



We secured a staggering 193,681 overall impressions. Needless to say, our client was thrilled. So, how did we secure so many impressions?


It was fairly simple. Our incredible impression reach was generated by 175 social posts our micro-influencer community created. But that wasn’t all.


Our ambassadors also wrote 54 blog posts where they spoke with passion about the brand story, the products they couldn’t live without and brilliant beauty hacks on how to best use them.


Our magic number. In executing our robust strategy, thorough vetting of micro-influencers, and clear direction for the brand and campaigns we generated a significant community of 77 awesome members.

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