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Style and Influence

We delivered amazing results for our client, Tu Clothing by Sainsbury’s, as part of a six month influencer campaign to support the launch of their new ecommerce site.

While our main focus was on building relationships that would increase reach, engagement and sales, our approach meant that a number of our chosen influencers also provided valuable links to the Tu Clothing site.




Our Impact


Total reach after a
six month period


Total impressions after a
six month period


What did we do?

Supported our client with the launch of the Tu Clothing e-commerce site by creating and launching a community of influencers who would be authentic brand ambassadors – increasing reach, engagement and sales.

While not the main focus of the campaign, building strong, mutually beneficial relationships with our chosen influencers would also result in valuable links for the Tu Clothing site.


How did we do it?

Using carefully crafted guidelines we sourced, vetted and approved influencers from various backgrounds with a keen interest in style and affordable clothing. This attention to detail ensured that the final community of influencers would be made up of only those who perfectly embodied the Tu brand.

We also designed a series of individual content campaigns and worked on them with our chosen influencers over a six month period, maximising awareness and engagement.


Good results?

You tell us! When we wrapped up the community our influencers had published a cumulative total of 65 highly visual blog posts including 116 product links. These posts delivered 684 positive comments, 8,297 social media interactions and 974,224 impressions.

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