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“Yard conducted a thorough digital data health check across the website. It identified the gaps in our current analytics setup and provided recommendations to allow for better data gathering. This included tracking efficiency, data layer best practice and optimal attribution to allow for accurate channel reporting. Through a collaborative effort with Yard’s team, we compiled the business benefits for each recommendation, which really helped us prioritise the improvements and obtain the necessary funding. Implementing these recommendations has given our stakeholders the data to make informed marketing decisions like never before. In fact, over a nine-month period of implementing Yard’s recommendations from the audit, our health rating has gone from a 4/10 to 9/10.”

— Marc Hetherington, Senior Digital Data Manager


Three was experiencing issues with their analytics set-up. It was creating gaps in the data they needed to make stellar marketing decisions.

We suggested performing a health check on their website to identify where omissions were and allow for better data-gathering.

A data health check gives brands clarity on where their current data set up falls short. This full view of analytics would be used to optimise marketing spend and allow accurate attribution reporting resulting in better understanding during the planning process of future campaigns.


Yard's digital data health check evaluates the current state of digital data within an organisation and whether it’s fit for purpose to deliver on business objectives.

It is conducted in a number of stages, including a full digital data maturity appraisal, one-to-one interviews with eight key stakeholders in the business, a stakeholder workshop with up to eight participants, a thorough check of website analytics requests and an analysis of data held within the analytics.

Following this discovery process, our team delivered an analytics implementation vs best practice report, a gap analysis vs requirements report, recommendations and improvements with associated effort estimates and a findings play-back video call.

Owen Davies, Director of Data Services at Yard, said:

“We introduced the digital data health check service as there are a number of challenges enterprise-level businesses can face when it comes to data. Common occurrences include the data needs of the organisation not being fully understood or captured, a lack of internal resources or skillset, inadequate implementations for data requirements, restrictive internal processes or quite simply the wrong tech deployed to meet the business's needs. Not only did marketing leaders not have the right data, but it wasn’t presented in a format that allowed data to be the undercurrent of great marketing decisions. For the brands that already had a best-in-class setup, this process gave reassurances and helped crystalise what they want to achieve with their data and subsequent insights. We've seen the capabilities within businesses transformed having gone through this health check process.”


  • Stakeholders had the data to make marketing decisions based on tangible data like never before
  • Prioritisation of necessary improvements to aid the budgeting process
  • Optimised attribution allowing accurate reporting on marketing channels

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