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For over 25 years, The White Company has specialised in creating timeless luxury clothing, homeware and gifts. It operates in global markets and strives to provide a seamless customer experience across every touchpoint.

Delivering a truly omnichannel experience requires a well configurated analytics implementation that gives full visibility of the user journey. The White Company were using Universal Analytics, and tasked us with migrating their data to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) securely.


We kicked off the project by analysing the current analytics set up. We pinpointed the goals, events and other key properties that needed to be migrated to GA4. Using Google Tag Manager, we applied a best practice tagging solution. By testing this on site, we validated the tags to ensure that the crossover transitioned as expected.

There are a number of new items – such as page views and transactions appearing as events – that GA4 requires to function correctly: items that were not previously required in Universal Analytics. Without adding these items into GA4, revenue may not be tracked correctly and can have a serious impact on reporting for the entire organisation. Our data team identified these items, performed several rounds of testing and updates, and ensured that The White Company’s new analytics set up correctly reported revenue.

The White Company collects key ecommerce data in Google Analytics. They rely on vast amounts of data within the interface to inform their strategy. To assure that these vital metrics had carried over to GA4 smoothly, we compared the data to Adobe Analytics to ensure parity. Following the completion of the project, our team used a rigorous testing process to ensure data quality and ensure that stakeholders were equipped with all the information they needed.


  • Implemented a secure migration from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4.
  • 0% loss of data.
  • A full migration of ecommerce data to Google Analytics 4.
  • Applied a best practice tagging solution through Google Tag Manager.
  • Compared key metrics from GA4 to Adobe to ensure parity.

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