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Tag Management System Migration

Learn how we migrated British Gas Business’ tag management solution to drive cost efficiencies and improve data quality.




Our impact

A clean analytics implementation that doesn’t have them tied to us for support.

Access to a catalog of extensions and innovations.

Next-generation tag management system, providing an extensible future proof platform.


What did we do?

We were tasked by British Gas Business to migrate their web data collection from their current tag management solution.

Following a technology review, in collaboration with the client, the Adobe Experience Platform, Launch, was determined as the right future proof platform.

Adobe Launch is an extensible tag management system developed to support and unify the ever evolving marketing technology ecosystem.

We created and implemented a robust migration strategy which allowed the BGB team to shadow implementation activities as we progressed.


How did we do it?

We delivered the migration to Adobe’s Launch tag management system with meticulous testing and quality control to ensure that the data British Gas Business rely on remains meaningful and precise, enabling them to make key business decisions.

Phase 1 – Planning
We conducted a detailed review of the existing tag management system set-up and determined the specific requirements of the client.

This enabled us to work collaboratively to create a strategy and prioritised project plan, which included a detailed yet easy to understand naming convention that would ensure a smooth migration.

Phase 2 – Staggered roll-out
We prioritised the different stages of the migration, working from the more basic elements to those with greater complexity.

Systematically, we placed tags on the development environment, so both ourselves and the client could test them. Once happy we replicated the process on the live site, disabling tags in the old tag management system to avoid data duplication.

A broad range of stakeholders were involved in the testing and approval of each deployment stage. This ensured a consistency in data quality.

When we got to the Adobe Analytics tagging, we replicated the approach used earlier to ensure quality control; we first deployed the tags on the development environment and ran the data side by side with the old setup, so that we could compare values.

We published the data into a new Adobe report suite, to ensure there was no pollution of either the new or old data. Once all parties were happy with the data, we published in batches (for example variables based on navigation trigger). This ensured that if there were any issues and the triggers for them could be easily identified and resolved.

Phase 3 – Post-migration
With the actual migration complete, there is still some work left for us to do. Satisfied that this project has been a success we will start to draw down the remaining tagging in the old tag management system and stop running both instances of Adobe Analytics in parallel. Eventually the old tag management system will be able to be removed from the site completely.

This will leave British Gas Business with a new, clean analytics implementation that is easier to manage in the future, either by them or external partners.


Good results?

The project was a huge success. Implementing the migration in the way we did allowed us to:

  • Ensure there was no loss of data
  • Mitigate the risk of reduced data quality
  • Rapidly identify and resolve any bugs
  • Leave the client with a clean analytics implementation that doesn’t have them tied to us for support
  • Provide British Gas Business with access to a catalog of extensions and innovations
  • Implement a next-generation tag management system, providing an extensible future proof platform enabling the client to make key business decisions and deliver on their data roadmap.

“Yard have shown a great level of technical expertise and competence while building the new tagging solution and their support and collaboration with our internal team was great. The new tag manager we built with your support will be a great foundation for what we will be doing over the course of 2019 and beyond.“

Nissange Da Silva, Analytics Consultant at British Gas Business

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