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We helped our client, ROX Diamonds & Thrills, to beat their revenue targets for the year, smashing previous records despite industry sales reducing by 10% over the same period.

We managed this by undertaking a multi-phased long term strategy, increasing search visibility in both paid and organic search while building on our client’s strong brand values.




Our Impact


Increased non-brand
visibility* overall


Return On Investment
per every £1 spent


What did we do?

The initial brief was to provide a long term strategy which would increase search visibility in paid and organic search whilst reflecting and building on the strong brand values of ROX Diamonds & Thrills.

ROX had identified many of the shortcomings of their setup and they were looking for a partner who would help iron out these flaws in year one and provide a solid strategy for year 2.

Legacy digital marketing had resulted in a somewhat disjointed site, with an often poor user experience for users arriving from search engines. The visibility in organic search was severely reduced due to penalties which had been received as a result of unnatural linking in the past.

Finally, measurement of marketing activity had at the time been hampered by an incomplete analytics set up which had various complex problems which we needed to overcome.


How did we do it?

Our strategy was a three phase one – ensuring effective measurement was possible, overcoming any technical barriers to success and using current brand equity to increase visibility and convert to sales.

This involved onsite technical fixes and optimisation along with a targeted content and outreach strategy, including offline content.

Actions taken included allocating sales to the correct products and categories to improve revenue tracking, taking steps to ensure a clear and effective user journey which understood and reflected search intent, and carrying out a full manual review of all backlinks and disavowal of any identified as unnatural.

Following on from that we developed outreach campaigns to attract inbound links to the site – requesting links from supplier sites and partners and creating assets to outreach to local online publishers for further engagement and link equity.


Good results?

Drumroll please…

Our key objective was to grow the engagement rings and luxury watch categories and with only 6 full months of campaigns delivered we achieved well beyond our set targets.

Rankings improved dramatically for the ROX site over the campaign, climbing to a top five position on Google for terms such as “Hublot” and “Audemars Piguet”. These are two of ROX’s most important brands, attracting more than 50,000 searches per month on average.

*Visibility is based on Yard’s own visibility tracking tool built by our Technical SEO team

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