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Interactive Luxury Watch Content

Created for British jeweller and watch retailer ROX - Diamonds & Thrills, our award-winning Art of Luxury Watchmaking content takes a detailed look at the world of haute horology. This comprehensive piece collects everything you could ever want to know about high-end watchmaking into one sleek, interactive page.

In addition to being easy on the eye and user-friendly, the content delivered outstanding results, including a significant increase in the sales of luxury watches for ROX, as well as improved non-brand organic visibility.




Our impact


increase in sales of
luxury and Swiss watches


return on investment
for every £1 spent


What did we do?

We created a highly interactive piece that covers everything from the captivating history of watchmaking to the master craftsmanship involved. The content also examines investment potential and showcases celebrity fans. Our aim was to create the ultimate piece of watch content, celebrating the skill and dedication of luxury watchmakers.

The project was a huge undertaking, with hours of research devoted to ensuring the elements included in the content were both accurate and engaging. It was a truly collaborative piece, requiring a number of conversations with industry experts and brand representatives.


Our in-house team worked tirelessly on the content, consulting specialists, including watch journalist Alex Doak, to make sure the information we included was as authoritative and comprehensive as possible.

We then created a strong outreach strategy and shared the content with a carefully curated list of relevant websites, securing a large number of high-authority links to ROX website. Online publications that have covered the campaign include The Drum, T3, WatchPro and Crombie Chronicle.


Good results?

Absolutely! The results of this campaign exceeded our expectations. ROX’s search engine rankings improved dramatically, climbing to a top five position on Google for terms like Hublot and Audemars Piguet. Attracting an average of more than 50,000 searches per month, these are two of ROX’s most important brands. In addition to this, their Sistrix visibility score increased more than sixfold.

We also picked up the prestigious Drum SEO award for Best Use of Content for the campaign. What’s more, it was the focus of a DMA Copywriting Club event, where we used Art of Luxury as a prime example of using high-quality long-form content in SEO campaigns.

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