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Showstopping engagement

We worked with award-winning British luxury jeweller ROX - Diamonds & Thrills to create a series of beautiful, shareable content pieces designed to promote the brand as the ultimate online supplier of engagement rings.

This helped ROX to be featured on the first page of Google search results for the terms engagement rings and diamond engagement rings. It also helped grow the brand’s visibility across other engagement ring-related search terms.




Our Impact


increased non-brand visibility*
on engagement rings


return on investment
for every £1 spent


What did we do?

We created visual and informative pieces of content to promote ROX as the ultimate supplier of engagement rings in each city where the jeweller has a physical store: Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Newcastle and Leeds. In partnership with the North Coast 500, we also produced an interactive map of this gorgeous coastal route, illustrating how it can provide the perfect backdrop for a romantic proposal.

We wanted to replicate ROX’s high-class in-store experience online, in addition to raising the profile of their online engagement ring shopping experience. To achieve this, we wanted to get ROX ranking as high as possible for competitive search terms like engagement rings and diamond engagement rings.


How did we do it?

We worked with a leading lifestyle illustrator and select local partners to create a series of stylish, eye-catching maps showcasing how you can plan the perfect proposal in each city – with the help of an engagement ring from ROX, of course! The partners included gourmet restaurants, sleek cocktail bars, independent boutiques, beauty spots, and cultural hubs. By featuring carefully selected landmarks and businesses, the maps were able to show off some of the most unique and romantic hotspots in the UK.

Once live, the content was shared with our partners in each city, in addition to being offered to other relevant sites and online publishers. As a result, we were able to build some highly authoritative links to the ROX website.


Good results?

Great results! Not only has this campaign amassed a total of 110 high-quality links to date, but it also contributed to first page Google search results for the ROX website for the terms engagement rings and diamond engagement rings. There has also been a 16.5% increase in organic traffic to the ROX site year-on-year.

We’ve also had the additional success of building strong relationships with a number of fantastic businesses for these maps, some of whom we have since worked with on other pieces of content for ROX.

*Visibility is based on Yard’s own visibility tracking tool built by our Technical SEO team

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