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One For The Books

We worked with our partner, Cognifide, to support our client, Penguin Random House, on consolidating their existing domains into two new websites.

While the size of this project did present some challenges, we were able to complete the migration - not only without losing any existing organic visibility, but actually increasing it by a significant margin.




Our impact


Increase in
organic visibility


What did we do?

Supported our client Penguin Random House and our partner Cognifide on two new website builds using Adobe Experience Manager and provided recommendations on how to mitigate any risks and deliver best possible SEO performance.

The migration consisted of 180 domains to be consolidated into two new websites:

  • penguin.co.uk
  • penguinrandomhouse.co.uk

The main goal of the project was to complete the migration without losing any existing organic visibility.


How did we do it?

The project was split into three separate phases to allow Yard to consult on every aspect and mitigate potential risks at the earliest possible stage during the website builds:

  • Phase 1 – pre website build: Consisted of a bespoke migration plan, required schema markup within JSON LD format, canonical tag strategy to resolve content duplication and authority analysis of all 180 domains.
  • Phase 2 – review of the development sites: Consisted of in-depth technical analysis of the development website following a 17 point checklist to identify potential risks.
  • Phase 3 – review of the live sites: Consisted of a review of all redirects put in place across 180 domains and an in-depth technical analysis to identify any risks that may have a negative impact on organic visibility.


Good results?

You bet! Following the three-phase project designed to mitigate any potential risks of migration, Penguin Random House achieved an impressive increase in organic visibility of 28%, moving from an average visibility score of 7,100 pre-migration to 9,088 afterwards.

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