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Creating an Influencer Community

Discover how Yard created an influencer community for a well-known beauty brand, with the aim of driving brand awareness through earned media.




What was asked?

We created a high-quality micro-influencer community for a well-known beauty brand, with the aim of driving brand awareness and consideration through earned media – as opposed to using paid media to reach the target audience.

Our impact


and counting active
community members


blog posts that the brand
have been included in


What did we do?

Through proactive engagement and tailoring seasonal campaigns to individual community members, our goal was to convert fans of the beauty brand to advocates who could share their love for the brand within their own online communities.

Our key deliverables included a proven positive impact on the brand over six months, generating engagement and an uplift in brand sentiment amongst the followers. While not the focus of the campaign, building mutually beneficial relationships would also result in links for the client from the ambassadors’ sites.

We developed a year-long engagement plan with a series of content campaigns. Participation was encouraged through creative freedom, access to products and promotion through the client’s channels.

Our focus would be on micro-influencers because they’re approachable, relatable and have established trust with their audience. We found their followers to be immensely dedicated and show genuine interest in the micro-influencer’s activity, which was more important to us than follower count.


How did we do it?

Using meticulous vetting criteria, we approached those who not only met our criteria, but most importantly have genuine love and passion for the brand. From here, nurturing positive relationships with each ambassador has been key to the overall success and growth of the community.

“The kindness and professionalism of the team blow me away, such an amazing brand to work with”

“Thank you for such great communication over the last few months and for being understanding when I couldn’t make it to the ambassador meeting in September”

Along with ongoing personalised gifts and regular communication throughout the year, we’ve carried out four seasonal campaigns for our ambassadors to (optionally) take part in. Based around a central theme, ambassadors were asked to select a few of their favourite products and create content around these. Giving our members creative freedom has been the heart of this campaign and it’s resulted in unique, quality, engaging content.

Many of those who joined the community along the way have been followers of our founding members, resulting in more growth. The aim of community is to reach 100 influencers with an audience of 1-8k engaged followers and with six months to go, we’re certainly on our way to achieve this.


Good results?

The results speak for themselves. Working with micro-influencers might not bring thousands of retweets or a huge uplift in sales but building a strong brand sentiment with genuine people guarantees success in the long run. Growing and nurturing this type of community takes time and passion and we’re proud of the results we’ve gained in such a short space of time.

It’s not all about numbers, but we’re pretty chuffed with these…

  • 77 members of the community (and counting!)
  • 54 blogs and 175 social posts
  • Overall reach of social posts: 133,615
  • Overall impressions: 193,681


And we’re only just getting started!

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