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Geronimo provide aggregated reports at a head office level for all dealerships within that country e.g., Ford France.

As a result of changes to Google’s API quota, Geronimo decided to migrate aggregated reporting for its international automotive dealership clients from Google Looker Studio to Adobe Analytics.

They required an expert partner to deliver a privacy law compliant implementation of Adobe Analytics. A solution that facilitates Geronimo aggregated reporting requirements. In discussions with Adobe, Geronimo stated that they wanted us to lead on the migration project.


  • Implementation of variables in Adobe Tags (Launch) and Adobe Analytics configuration to replicate existing platform user interactions.
  • Creation of market / country level aggregated reports in Analysis workspace (Adobe’s built in data visualisation functionality) replicating data surface in existing Looker Studio reports.
  • Report configuration within Adobe Analytics segmenting Market IDs and Client name (automotive companies) for quick access and shareability.
  • Post-live data validation within Adobe Analytics.


  • Fully international privacy laws compliant analytics solution.
  • Accurate aggregated reporting at market and country level.
  • In the first month post go live (April 2023), Geronimo’s platform delivered 14.19% average conversion rate for their clients – all reported and validated in Adobe Analytics.

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