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Geolocation Analysis - Store Proximity

We helped owners of casinos and bingo halls understand how the proximity of website visitors to their national chain of venues affected website usage. 




Project gave our client the ability to answer key business questions

They can now create targeted campaigns


What did we do?

We were dealt an interesting hand by the owners of a nationwide chain of casinos and bingo halls. They challenged us to help them to better understand the locations of visitors to their websites and the distance of those visitors from one of their venues.

Ultimately, the goal was to show how proximity to one of their physical locations impacts brand awareness, conversion rates and average order values.

Our work on the ‘Store Proximity Report’ provided them with real-time reporting in Adobe Analytics to show when a user clickety-clicked on to the site:

  • Which store the user is closest to, and store location.
  • The distance, and segmented distance, the user was from the closest store.


How did we do it?

With the chips being down, our team of data analytics and insights experts worked with the client’s teams to deliver the geotagging and reporting solution. Firstly, the client provided us with the locations of all their premises throughout the UK, including latitude and longitude details.

The latitude and longitude details, alongside the data we gathered from the GET request/headers of the user, allowed us to use Vincenty’s formulae to calculate the distance between a visitor that arrived on one of the websites and their casinos and bingo halls.

In real-time, we returned the minimum distance (segment), and closest store information at user level back into Adobe Analytics. These were collected and stored as eVars and props, which allowed efficient, clear and useful reports to be generated.


Good results?

You bet! The geolocation project gave our client the ability to answer key business questions:

  • Are we getting more visits to our website(s) from users who are closer to a store?
  • Does premises location have an impact on brand awareness, and to what extent?
  • How is conversion rate and AOV affected by a user’s distance from a casino or bingo hall?
  • Does living closer to a store give users more brand confidence and is the accessibility of a physical location a factor in how much users spend online?

The ability to answer such questions allow for more effective marketing strategies to be crafted. Based on users’ locations, they can target specific campaigns, messages and dynamic content to prospects of interest and measure the impact accurately.

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